PTI UK Bristol hosts a seminar to review the Strategic role of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in Pakistan


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PTI UK Bristol hosts a seminar to review the Strategic role of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in Pakistan

PTI UK Bristol hosts a seminar to review the Strategic role of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in Pakistan .especially in view of the current scenario.Mr. Asif Mahmood hosted the event at the Rose Green Hall with existing and potential PTI UK members from Nottingham, Manchester, London, Birmingham,Bradford. The event was sponsored by Mr Mohammed Tanzeem (Benny's Restaurant), Mr Chaudhry Khalid Saeed (M32 Services) and Mr Waqar Ahmad (Pizza Hut).The event was compared by Mr. Ali Sher who started the seminar with Talawat Quran Pak by Hafiz Altaf followed by naat Rasool Pak by Mr. Mohammad Arif. Mr. Asif Mahmood gave an opening speech with a seven point agenda focusing on solutions rather than issues that are being faced by Pakistan today. The seven points addressed the issues of the common man in Pakistan. Mr Mahmood said that PTI will provide the people of Pakistan with 'Sasta Insaf, Karha Ehtesaab', will implement Tax reforms & de-politicize the police force, will implement an emergency education program, work on energy reforms, review the health agenda and make Pakistan self sufficient by focusing on its farmers and industry. Chaudhry Nazir, head of Bristol Pakistan Association, was one of the first people to support Chairman Imran Khan fourteen years ago and said that he will support PTI in Bristol and that Imran Khan is the only hope for Pakistan. Adeela Shafi, a parliamentarian candidate for the Conservative party highlighted the red tape and bureaucracy that British Pakistanis face when they go to invest in their home country. It took Adeela four years to setup a school in Pakistan which should have taken no time at all. We reassured Adeela that PTI will address this issue when elected. Mohammed Bin Qasim focused on the three most important roles within a society that need to be nurtured i.e. doctors, teachers and the police force. Mr. Khwaja Imitiaz, one of the founding members of PTI UK, 14 years ago, said that PTI is the only party that can lead the masses in Pakistan. Mr Imtiaz told all that there will be change in Pakistan and that quality of people matters, not the quantitiy. He said that PTI is the only party that has a global presence and Imran Khan is the only leader who has stood by his principles and said that PTI is growing at a very fast pace. Mr Imtiaz highlighted the changes in Pakistan especially the free judiciary and media & said that PTI will implement the rule of law in Pakistan.Mr Akram Dhareeja, also a founding member of PTI UK from Nottingham told the audience about the deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan and the fact that no one is investigating the large number of kidnappings in Pakistan. He also said that the party requires funds and the role of the overseas Pakistanis should be to fund the party. Mr Dhareeja highlighted the amount of money raised for the party and for IKFR (Imran Khan Flood Relief). Mohammed Naveed, Mohammed Arif, Imam Altaf spoke about Imran Khan's principled stand on all issues facing Pakistan & the fact that Imran Khan joined politics when he could have led a very comfortable life and launched a party whose foundation is based on 'rule of law' long before anyone realized the true value of have one law for all. They said that this clearly shows the depth of Imran Khan's vision for Pakistan. Imam Altaf said that cancer has spread in Pakistan and we need to treat it. He also highlighted the fact that PTI can do a lot more to bring awareness amongst the Pakistanis in the UK.Amer Daniel read a very passionate poem & a story with a moral that anything is possible if one puts ones mind to it. Chaudhry Khalil from Birmingham highlighted his support for the party. Mr. Asim Khan spoke about Mohenjadaro / Pakistan vs. the western civilizations. Mr F Nadeem gave an overview of the electoral system in Pakistan. Mr Mazhar, a Labour party candidate in Bristol, committed his support PTI & help with membership. He said that Pakistan has been looted by all politicians and people are looking at Imran Khan to lead them out of the current turmoil. Jameel Butt who is a professor stated that Pakistan is suffering from Brain drain where all the talent has left Pakistan to seek better opportunities abroad. He emphasized the importance of teachers and how they are instrumental in shaping the minds of their students. The government has not taken any measures to ensure that our 'brains' can be utilized within Pakistan.Ms Rabia Zia gave closing remarks and thanked Mr Asif Mahmood and his team for launching and promoting PTI in Bristol as well as arranging this prorgramme. Ms Zia said that Chairman Imran Khan is the only leader who isn't a protege of the army as others such as Zulfiqar Bhutto (Gen Ayub Khan), Benazir Bhuto (Gen Muharraf), Nawaz Shareef (Gen Zia), and MQM (Gen Zia). She said that Chairman Imran Khan values the support of overseas Pakistanis and our role is to articulate how overseas Paksitanis can help PTI obtain its strategic goal i.e. to bring a change in Pakistan. This can only happen if PTI is elected and for this, the role of overseas Pakistanis is critical. There are a number of ways of delivering something tangible for the party such as 1) support PTI financially so that we can help the party win elections as well as candidates; 2) allow people in the UK to 'adopt' specific constituencies and candidates and then help in any way possible 3) setup offices 4) get commitment of votes 5) define policies via a Think Tank 6) identify potential candidates in the UK to contest elections in Pakistan. She said that PTI is the first party to highlight Dr Afia's issue as well as the missing people issue. PTI is the first party who initiated the Sasta tandoor and fresh water wells project. PTI UK has raised more than 1.3 million in the UK for the flood victims and has also raised funds for the Sasta Tandoor, Wells projects & for the party. To deliver more we need the help of British Pakistanis and invited all to join PTI UK by becoming a paid member.(
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