PTI Released The Full Video Of Rise Of KPK - MUST WATCH


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پانچ منٹ تو پتا بھی نہیں چلے کیسے گزر گئے

نواز گنجا زندہ آباد


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Brother it's the same old video released 2 months ago.

Nice work done by team UD.

Thanks to Umar Dar for this video and Thanks to KP govt for their good work in only 2 years of their govt.

Mujhey heraangee iss baat pe hai ke team UD ne bhee iss video mein nahee bataya " Imran Khan ne KPK main kya kar lia hai ". Very bad team UD.
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After suffering and sacrificing so MUCH, it's about time for the people of KP to enjoy peace, tranquility, and progress...

Hope the rest of the country will follow suit.
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Come on! folks. Having a few aerial view do not reflect the actual work conducted in KPK.

I suggest that IK presents the KPK progress in a conference to media and also webinar. The presentation should be simple and reference all promises made before elections AND policy papers listed on It should tell us what they promised/wrote and how much of that is done along with what else to expect in th enext 90 days, 120 days, year and so on ... Fair?