PTI might get support of Ch Nisar and GDA - Moeed Pirzada


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I think most of the tv anchors have no knowledge of ground realities and facts, they just come and talk.PTI already have a aliance with GDA


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Listen to this old shami kabab sahib, he made billions with nawaz sharif.
Imran khan is winning more than 150 seat as per ExitPoll.
These are clueless peoples does not even know realities.
Pti 150 seats
Gda 10 seats
PSP 7 seats
Independent 15
Fata 8 seats
BAP 10 seats.

This is more than 170 all together.

I will ask all thesr intellectual idiots to read times UK today's article.


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I am just wondering why is Ayaz Amir suddenly his old Dawn/PPP Jiyala has awoken after Baby Zardari staged rallies and corner flop shows ?

Chile Relleno

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What do you think? Will the voter turnout be more than or less than it was in 2013?

Please provide your reasons.
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voter turn out would be between 40 to 45%
Reason being, N-voters are not interested in the elections because of their leaders corruption and to the fact of the matter that Nawaz Sharif is disqualified for life to contest.

Independents votes and seats would be less as many of these independents are already in PTI, so they will gather their own votes plus party's.

If PTI can get their voters out in urban/central Punjab, they will surely be in a position to form provisional govt in Punjab.

In rural Sindh and Baluchistan, PTI will get few seats as they have good solid electables on some of these places. What will matter is Karachi and Hyderabad, if PTI manages to win 7 to 10 seats from urban Sindh, they will be in a great position to form coalition govt in Sindh with GDA and PSP.

My calculation is if PTI manages to get 40% seats from Central/North Punjab, they will surely be able to form Govt. in Punjab.

KPK is secure for PTI, but they need to make efforts in FATA region to gather few seats from there.

All in all, I see PTI securing 110 to 120 seats for NA to make coalition govt in center with BAP (Balochistan), GDA (Sindh), PSP(Karachi/Hyderabad), Q-league, AML (Pindi) and other independents.

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