PTI leading on majority of the seats in Karachi


MPA (400+ posts)
Yaar sorry to go off topic but can please someone give some insight who is going to make Gov in PUNJAB? PTI has a little less seats than PMLN... so the question is will IND go with PMLN or with PTI??


Minister (2k+ posts)
Karachi can be a strong hold of PTI if they focus on delivering to the people of this fine city .. InShaAllah


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
Allah has saved Karachi people from the firouns , I used to pity decent folk from Karachi getting blackmailed by mqm and ppp thugs , now they are free ,Unbelievable results

I’m so overjoyed that my brothers and sisters of Karachi are finally free , and I am a Punjabi !!!
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