PTI jumps to higher judiciarys defence on Arsalan Iftikhar case


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PTI jumps to higher judiciary’s defence on Arsalan Iftikhar case

Shafqa­t Mahmoo­d furthe­r explai­ned his party’s stance on the Arsala­n Iftikh­ar briber­y case at the Insaf House.
By Our Correspondent
Published: June 10, 2012


PTI’s central secretary of information Shafqat Mahmood further explained his party’s stance on the Arsalan Iftikhar bribery case during a press conference at the Insaf House on Saturday.

KARACHI: The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf stands with the independent judiciary and would thwart any attempt to malign Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and the Supreme Court, announced PTI chairman Imran Khan in a statement issued on Saturday.

PTI’s central secretary of information Shafqat Mahmood further explained his party’s stance on the Arsalan Iftikhar bribery case during a press conference at the Insaf House on Saturday. He said that the government was trying to malign the superior judiciary of the country.
Mahmood claimed that the ruling government hatched felt threatened by the “independent and courageous” decisions of the Supreme Court, including those in the prime minister’s contempt of court case and the National Reconciliation Ordinance case. “President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Riaz Malik are the principal characters of the conspiracy.” While not offering any proofs, Mahmood said that business relations between Riaz Malik and the president were well known. Imran Khan also pointed out in his statement that Malik had acknowledged that he paid for vacations and shopping sprees for Arsalan Iftikhar.
This was done to entrap and blackmail the chief justice’s son and, therefore, to undermine the chief justice’s integrity.
The PTI, however, maintained that the Arsalan Iftikhar case should be thoroughly investigated and Arsalan should be punished if proven guilty. However, the charges against Arsalan should not reflect upon the chief justice.
Published in The Express Tribune, June 10[SUP]th[/SUP], 2012.


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"Connecting the Dots": Why Malik Riaz trapped Arsalan Iftikhar (son of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudhry)

Exclusive article by @PTI_FATA team
"Connecting the Dots": Why Malik Riaz trapped Arsalan Iftikhar
Published: 9 Jun 2012.
Rumours and facts and information and disinformation are pouring out about the latest controversy involving Malik Riaz Hussain (founder of Bahria Town) and Arsalan Iftikhar, son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.
The one question that boggles every observing and thinking mind is Why? Why Malik Riaz trapped Arsalan Iftikhar into such a well-orchestrated trap and why he made all these documentary and video/audio proofs of the dealings?
Here we try to connect the dots step-by-step.
9 March 2008 (Murree):
PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif held talks in Murree for a coalition govt at federal as well provincial level. Malik Riaz Hussain was the witness-cum-guarantor to the accord between the two parties, finalized in the symbolic presence of the Holy Quran (brought by Malik Riaz). The accord involved a pledge by Zardari to re-instate the superior judiciary judges deposed by General Musharraf on Nov 3 2007.
The accord eventually collapsed as Zardari refused to honour his commitment on restoration of judges (and it turns out Malik Riaz actually played with Nawaz on behalf of Zardari, against the judiciary).
16 March 2009:
Under pressure from the people of Pakistan marching from Lahore (and the Army too), Zardari govt announced the restoration of all deposed judges. However, he had already decided to teach the judiciary a lesson. In this task, Malik Riaz lent him a helping hand on the condition that his personal interests will be served too.
Lone Deer among a Pack of Wolves:
Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is not only a threat to the corrupt political class. He is also a challenge to the establishment, for his insistence to pursue the missing persons case and related issues traditionally thought of as NO-GO-Areas for the civilians even if judiciary. This same issue makes him a "Trouble Maker" in the eyes of the foreign powers (read Americans). Also he has been the only barrier between the current fragile political setup and any possible coup effort. Even Mian Nawaz Sharif who played a role in restoration of the judges was not comfortable with the idea of such an activist judiciary (as quoted in the Wikileaks).
Must read on the subject:CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry; the man who makes Pakistan proud
These things make CJ a man with many enemies but very few friends. Hence, the unholy consensus against the man we know as Chief Justice of Pakistan.
The question then is why such a successful player like Malik Riaz bothered to take the risk of jumping into such hot waters against the CJ because in case the plan backfired, he would stand to lose the most. What made him go for this plan. Lets analyze that a bit.
Malik Riaz's Interests:
The superior judiciary was hearing nearly 42 cases of forced land grabbing, killings, corruption and embezzlement against Malik Riaz and his Bahria Town. In many such cases, the military-run DHA (Defence Housing Authority) was also involved. It is believed that a multi-billion scam (62 Billion by some accounts) in the real estate sector involving both DHA and Bahria Town was being followed by the Supreme Court. While the govt and its functionaries looked the other way, nearly 30,000 kanals of land was forcibly grabbed from owners in the Sihala, Rawat and adjoining areas by Bahria Town and DHA using Malik Riaz's private goons militias and even police in some cases.
Land Revenue laws were openly flouted and records were tampered with by feeding enormous amounts to concerned officials.
While the Trap-the-CJ project was underway, a host of criminal cases (including land grabbing, murder etc) were taken up by SC against Malik Riaz.
Lets sift through relevant reports about some major cases taken up by the SC.

Security Guard Murder Case (2009)

Judicial Inquiry ordered against Malik Riaz over Security Guard killing
(Published 29 October 2009)

Security guard murder case: SC rejects IGP inquiry report, orders FIA to do inquiry afresh
(Published: February 28, 2012)

Guards murder: FIA blames Islamabad police for losing vital evidence
(Published: April 10, 2012)

Bahria Town owner Malik Riaz accused of murder (Published: 7 Jun 2012)
DHA-Bahria Town Nexus (62 Billion Rupee Scam)
Developers crush rights in land grab rush (Bahria-DHA Nexus).

Islamabad Valley: Delay in DHA project worries allottees (Published: November 2, 2011) NAB takes notice of alleged corruption in DHA, Bahria Town (Published: April 27, 2012) NAB initiates probe into Rs62 bn DHA scam (Published: 9 Jun 2012)

SC moved to get agreement between DHA, Bahria Town annulled (Published: 9 Jun 2012)
Misc Land Scams involving Malik Riaz

Real estate-development: Caught buying real land from fake people (Published: October 4, 2011)

Dubious land purchase: Arrest warrants issued for Malik Riaz, his son
(Published: October 8, 2011)

Land scam: Special team formed to arrest realtor, son (Published: October 20, 2011)

Land scam: Realtor moves court to block probe report
(Published: November 5, 2011)

Land scam: Court summons realtor, son
(Published: November 15, 2011)

Friendly prosecution: Eagerness to take up Bahria Town scam: NAB asked to justify (Published: December 9, 2011)

Bahria Town land scam: NAB, ACE row provides short breather to accused (Published: December 27, 2011)

ACE vs NAB vs Bahria Town: Counsels no-show lands realtor, son in hot water (Published: February 9, 2012)

Fight for land: Tussle between Pindi authorities, realtor continues (Published: July 13, 2011)

Land grabbing case: Registration of FIR against real estate tycoon ordered (Published: April 24, 2012)

Three troubles for Bahria chief Malik Riaz (Published: 7 Jun 2012)
Land scandal: NAB opens closed inquiry into Rs200 billion scam (Published: June 10, 2012)

CDA-Bahria Town Nexus

CDA working as realtors marketing puppet?
(Published: July 18, 2011)

CDA-Bahria Town nexus: A tale of two enclaves (Published: July 22, 2011)

Bahria Town Drag Car Race Accident Case
5 people were killed when they were hit by a sports car during a drag car race in Bahria Town Rawalpindi on 5 December 2010.
Bahria town racing: Speed thrills but kills five
(Published: December 6, 2010)


In this accident a banker Babar Khan, official of Askari Bank Limited, was also killed alongwith his son.
The police and govt (both Federal and Punjab) tried to hush the matter as a routine accident. However, upon receiving a complaint, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry took Suo motu notice of the incident.

Suo motu case: Apex court takes notice of drag race accident (Published: December 11, 2010)
Ali Riaz Malik, Chief Executive Bahria Town (only son of Malik Riaz) was nominated alongwith Atif Sheikh (Son-in-Law of Tariq Aziz, former Musharraf right-hand). The apex court ordered govt and police to nab the culprits.
SC orders IGP Punjab to arrest accused in car race crash (Published: 13 Dec 2010)

Tragic accident: Main accused in drag race case arrested (Published: December 19, 2010)
Bahria Town marketing manager flees court (Published: December 24, 2010)

The deceased Babar Khan was manager of the branch where Malik Riaz kept his bank accounts and Babar Khan had important info about money laundering by Malik Riaz to the tune of tens of billions of rupees. For this precise reason, it was believed that he was target killed in this staged Car Accident by Ali Riaz Malik.
An important Punjab Govt personality helped Ali Riaz Malik to escape from Pakistan through Lahore.

Although Ali Riaz fled Pakistan but was brought back on the orders of the SC.
Bahria Town racing: UAE accepts FIA request to hand over Ali Riaz (Published: December 23, 2010)

Drag race: FIA to nab main suspect from Dubai (Published: December 24, 2010)

The case was heard but eventually, under pressure from govt and Malik Riaz's goons, the families of the deceased agreed to an out-of-court settlement. So SC referred the case to a lower trial court for further processing.
Drag race accident: Police given 10 days to complete investigation (Published: January 5, 2011)

Bahria Town car race: Catch the real culprits says SC (Published: January 18, 2011)

Bahria Town race case drag-ging to influence (Published: February 16, 2011)

Bahria Town race: Relatives of victims show mercy
(Published: February 26, 2011)

Out of court settlement: Supreme Court rejects drag race compromise (Published: March 1, 2011)

Drag race accident: SC disposes of case, refers it to trial court
(Published: November 30, 2011)

SC tells trial court to transparently decide car racing accident (Published (29 Nov 2011)
Malik Riaz who thought nobody (Govt, Military, Judiciary, Media) could ever touch him or his family, was shocked by these actions of the SC.

Why trap Arsalan Iftikhar and not the CJ himself?
Knowing very well that Justice Iftikhar won't budge when it comes to moral and financial integrity, it was decided to target the weak link in the family, the young and ambitious Arsalan Iftikhar.
He was somehow lured into the construction related business through Malik Riaz's front men. Later on Ahmad Khalil (a businessman from Lahore) was used to finance foreign tours of Arsalan Iftikhar alongwith family.
Malik Riaz allegedly made documentary evidences, videos etc of all dealings with Arsalan Iftikhar.
After completing his homework, Malik Riaz started contacting and taking on board the media anchors and journalists (many of whom were already obliged by him in the form of expensive property gifts and favours).

After almost a month of silent campaigning, Malik Riaz convinced the journalists to go public with the allegations against Arsalan.
Jang / GEO Media Group journalists Shaheen Sehbai and Kamran Khan were the first to go public with this scandal, on 5 Jun 2012.



The same night Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took Suo motu notice against his own son and asked Arsalan and Malik Riaz to appear before the SC.
Suo motu action: CJ summons his son, AG and Malik Riaz today (Published: June 6, 2012)
Arsalan Iftikhar Case at Supreme Court
On 6 Jun 2012, Arsalan Iftikhar appeared before the court but Malik Riaz remained absent on medical grounds. Arsalan Iftikhar pleaded NOT GUILTY in the case while CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry categorically made clear that Justice will be done regardless of who the culprit is.
On 7 Jun 2012, CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry distanced himself from the hearing of the case and left the case to other judges.

Arsalan Chaudhry case: Chief Justice detaches self from bench (Published: June 8, 2012)

Arsalan Iftikhar submits written statement in SC while Malik Riaz missing again (Published: June 10, 2012)
The Real Cat coming out of the bag
Malik Riaz to seek CJs removal from Bahria Town hearings (Published: June 9, 2012)
PPP-Zardari Tactics
PPP officially distanced itself from the conspiray against superior judiciary hatched using Malik Riaz.
However, from Day-1 of the case's hearing at SC, the Attorney General Irfan Qadir (a Zardari confidante) played a dubious role in the court. The AG and other PPP stalwarts who flouted all questions of ethics and morality during PM's contempt case and Musa Gilani's Ephedrine case, now started using technicalities to effectively ridicule the CJ. He twice objected to the presence of Justice Iftikhar on the bench.
Conflict of interest: Amidst objections, CJ opens case against son (Published: June 7, 2012)
Several PPP leaders have already started demanding resignation of the Cheif Justice.
Chief Justice should Resign from his position - Raja Riaz (PPP Senior Leader)
PPP leader Shaukat Basra also demanded resignation of CJ. Other PPP leaders especially Gilani's Special Advisor Fawad Chaudhry are using different media and social media forums to ridicule the judiciary.
Malik Riaz's lawyer Zahid Bukhari (a PPP die-hard) also said the Government representatives in different cases listed to be heard in SCP, would request CJ to remove himself from these cases.

Note: It doesn't surprise one to hear that Zahid Bukhari was also counsel for Hussain Haqqani and Raymond Davos.
It is widely believed that Aitzaz Ahsan met Malik Riaz to provide legal advice on correct course of action. Malik Riaz had full legal advice before he started to show the evidence to the selected media personalities.
But why the same legal advisers are not representing him in the SC? Why Zahid Bukhari?
Simple reason is because otherwise it would have been too obvious.
Even then the imprints of Zardari are too obvious over this scandal. It is meant to defame CJ and taint him so the he is either removed from the cases or if the decisions have gone against PPP, they would cry foul and bias.
The cases include NRO case, RPPs case, PM's contempt case, Memo case and SC''s order to arrest Amin Faheem in NICL case. Also the establishment will benefit from absence of CJ in Missing Persons case etc.


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let me add, it seems rather ridiculous for the Army to help restore the judiciary as is acknowledged by every one, and then try to go against it. This is a bigger scheme to try to cast doubts and aspersions on the higher judiciary AND Pak Army because these are the only two threats to the western powers whose stooges are currently the ruling elite in Pakistan,unfortunately.