PTI files petition to move ECP to use NADRA services


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A writ petition has been lodged in the Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi branch by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in which it has been prayed that the Election Commission of Pakistan be directed to commission the services of NADRA in the preparation of electoral lists for the national and provincial assemblies election and put an end to drafting the services of school teachers and other departments to prepare the electoral voters lists.

The writ petition was filed by Mansoor Sarwar Khan, CEC member of the PTI. It is mentioned in the writ petition that over 68 percent of the youth aging 18 to 29 are not included in the voters electoral lists prepared under the redundant, unauthenticated, inefficient system of preparing electoral lists. It is also pointed out in the writ that 5 percent of the people with political affiliations on either side of the political spectrum have double votes entered with the connivance of the staff and 30 percent of the household female in the rural areas are not listed in the electoral lists. Further, the last census was conducted in 1997 when the voting age was 21.All those who were 18 years of age are 33 years of age now and are not enlisted as citizens to vote.


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This will be the first but important step towards free and fair elections.

All they need to do is add one column of Constinuency Number against every national holding ID card and all updated lists on every kind of elections, local, provincial, National or by elections can be printed with just one click.

NADRA must provide this e file to ElectionCommission, which must then add one Column number of Polling Station Number or Ward Number and print the lists without any Addition or Deletion. Only Nadra should be empowered to of any rectification, if ever needed.
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Rana Tahir Mahmood

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Innamal Aamalo Binniate. Whatever the steps you will take to eradicate the misdoings unless there is no will nothing can be achieved.


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NADRA is probably one of the best things happened to Pakistan, no matter what we think and say about Musharraf, he gave us freedom of media and NADRA that none of the democratic govt would have.


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At least it is a hope for the best and one has to take the 1st step and PTI has taken this step. The rest will also be done InshAllah. Allah Help those who help themselves.

Just look the history of the world and Islam.

Was there any who had any idea that:

.......Islam would spread throughout the world

.......Pakistan would come into being.

.......Pakistan would make atomic bomb just after 13 years of its biggest disaster i.e. the splitting of Pakistan

......Pakistan would do Atomic Blasts.

......A Army Dictator would built a institution for issuing Computerized ID Cards and Machine Readable Passports

......A Strong & Independent Media would be emerged in Pakistan under the govt. of a Dictator

......An Independent Judiciary would be emerged under a dictator rule

Like the above and many impossibles happened in Our This Pakistan, an independent Election Commission would also be established one Day InshAllah and the development of Electronic Voting System one of the one Step which had already been taken.

Hope for the best brothers and Sisters.