"PTI cyber bullies are behind the malicious campaign against me" - Nusrat Javed


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Re: Nusrat Gone Wild -> leave Nusrat Alone

kissi ko aawaara ***** bhi kaat le to ilzaam Imran khan aur PTI par. Nusrat javed! dur fittay moon

khan afghan1

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nusrath javed is looking nut from his discussion.he is an alcohlic person.
we should not expect any good from him and other like him.
They are like barking dogs .When they do barking MR fill their mouth
with money.


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when these so called anchors blame political figures for something without any proof then it is ok.. and if someone unknown has done this to journalists and anchors then look how he is barking,,, and in one minute he got proofs that these are from PTI. these status quo leaches will start barking against pti and ik now because they can not afford to stay clean and work for the country. idiot haraamm khoor


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hahahahaha nusrat budhay ko kesi aag lagi hay... hahahaha

is ko bol ja ki apna pora zor laga imran khan k khilaaf... aaj tak konsa tu imran khan k khilaf zor nahi laga raha tha jo ab lagayega

jo kar sakte ho karo...


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Kafi din se es ke monh main ksi ne hadi daly hoi thee lagta hey koi es se hadi le geya hey to yeh pher shoroh ho geya hey.


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Sastiii Mashoori ?
He is not even worth discussing i am afraid who would spare/waste time plotting all this ..... against him ????????? Baba g hoor waday maslay ne tussi kee rolaaa paaya eey...


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Jitna dam hai laga ley. Aur ab tu tu ne shahad ki makhion key jathe me hath dal diya hai ab tu tere sath aur bura hoga. Inshallah.


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Mujhe to aaj ye be had qabl e rehm lgga he
NJ agar saff shfaaf hotey to tumhara naam na lia jata jesa ke talat, ansar wagera ka nahi lia gia


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[MENTION=14890]mrk123[/MENTION] must watch this
Hilarious stuff in here :)

joke aside, I have myself seen a battle between PTI supporters and NJ, we pti supporters should be careful and even if he is bad should not show bad manners, those genuine people who are watching him, would not be happy, We need to make sure that we are not doing anything wrong and only challenge him logically not by swears.


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سارے کے سارے دودھ میں نہا کر نکل رہے ہیں .آج اتنے جذباتی ہورہے ہیں کل کے پروگرام میں تو مذاق اڑا رہے تھے کہ میں تو کسی قیمت پر اپنے
اثاثے ظاہر نہیں کروں گا .


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Oyee budhaaa pagaal hoo gayaa :lol:

Camel and Jackal show --------- ha ha ha [hilar]

mujhey shuk hai iss ney zaroor paisaay liyee hoon gaay



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Whether it is true or false but I liked it by putting Red Chillies in Nusrat's A***........ hahahah......

In Pashtu...... "Teenga Kara"


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@mrk123 must watch this
Hilarious stuff in here :)
This is just crazy. Someone needs to give internet 101 classes to these media personalities. They have got on facebook, twitter, cable tv, started using youtube over the last couple of years and haven't grasped how it works. They are getting so emotional about these things on the internet. They have not grasped what exactly is internet. They are in the wrong field if they get on TV and think that all criticism will be positive or accurate - they have to adjust pretty fast to this phenomenon called internet. Its not the same as someone in the neighborhood calling you name or accusing you - you know the person and face him and somehow deal with it in the neighbord. But this is the internet - they have to realize that the cyber world is anonymous. Anyone, anywhere in the world can accuse you of anything under the sun and come up with all kinds of forgeries but the burden of proof is on the accuser not the one who is accused. If they start to get this emotional every time something like this come up then I am sure that at least NJ will kill himself due to high blood pressure. He went overboard and started accusing IK which was pretty funny and mentioned a name of some obscure PTI person and linked him to MR.

I am just surprised that someone hasn't told them already about how things work on the internet. He is taking it as seriously as majority of the people who use internet and believe that since they are reading something on their computer screens then it must be true since someone put it on the internet. Just as NJ and MM took what they saw on the internet sreiously thousands of others are making the same mistake and spreading these fake, made up things.