President Zardari gets mandate to negotiate with MQM


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President Zardari gets mandate to negotiate with MQM
Updated on: Wednesday, August 03, 2011 5:09:28 PM |

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ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari was given a mandate to hold talks with Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in the wake of Altaf Hussain’s two-day ultimatum to restore peace in Karachi.

The mandate was given to the President by Sindh cabinet at a meeting held in the capital city of Islamabad today (Wednesday).

Speaking on this occasion, President Zardari said that MQM’s apprehensions would be addressed through talks.

“I want to take the Sindh cabinet on board for holding talks with MQM,” Zardari said.

“If the United States can hold talks with the Taliban after ten hours, why can’t we do the same with MQM?” he asked.

After the cabinet’s meeting, President Zardari convened a meeting of PPP’s ministers.

On Tuesday, Altaf Hussain gave the President and Prime Minister a two-day ultimatum to restore peace in Karachi. SAMAA


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just time delaying tactics he forgot he has been given mandate after being elected as President of Pakistan he can interfere anything and Karachi is facing worst condition of history so is there need of any such protocols to stop killings his job required untiring resless attitude to work out on priority basis day an night bottom line is that they knew the root cause but they are in coilition with other two parties so they do not want to do what is required negotiation has been under process since this condition has errupted there but things gone past negotiations no body there is tolerating others strict descions are required to stop the killings once for all


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"If the United States can hold talks with the Taliban after ten hours, why cant we do the same with MQM? he asked

For USA Talibans were terrorists, Means PPP also think MQM is a terrorist group.


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What I fail to understand is 'to negotiate what'

Negotiate that let MQM and-H kill each other?


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The munafiqat of Zardari & Pakistani Lawrence of arabia A.H bagora is the the reason why Karachi is burning...............May Allah give Hidayat to both of them or ALLAH ENKO QADYANION KI MOUT ATA KARDAY.AMEEN SUMA AMEEN.


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kya khi k awam ney bhe mendate dey deya hai AAZ ko un ki kismat ka faisla karney ka ?? per taliban sai jesay USA ki baat ho rahe wesay baat MQM sai .... civilised world ki nazzar main tou taliban part of problem hain na k pary of solution, per khi main MQM is not the only problem part ... mujha in sai khair ki koe umeed thi na hai, khi walay pay aab allah he rahem karey


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Zardari says Karachi can't be left to mercy of miscreants

Last Updated On 04 August,2011


President Zardari has emphasized peace in Karachi, saying a bunch of miscreants can’t hold sway.

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday co-chaired a meeting of the Sindh Cabinet at the Presidency. The meeting was also attended by the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Interior Minister Rahman Malik, Babar Awan and provincial ministers belonging to PPP, PML-Q, ANP and PML Functional.

The meeting took stock of the law and order situation, coalition matters in the province and performance of ministries. The President ordered equipping police with modern weapons and vehicles to enable them to carry out duties effectively. He said the government would not tolerate any miscreant in the city or elsewhere and peace must be restored at all costs.