President Mamnoon Hussain visits Murree with 21 Protocol vehicles


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21 Cars Convey of President Mamnoon Hussain to Muree

PMLN Sadigi ke batain karney waley awaam kay peson par iyashi maar rahey hain


Wasey is ko koi apney rickshaw par na bithaye

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Re: 21 Cars Convey of President Mamnoon Hussain to Muree

Yaar isko protocol ki kya zururat hai. Is ko to koi janta bhi nai hai.


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Ganjo tuje koi president ke liye koi aur nahi mila. Is ko dekh kar hi daar lagta hai. Dirty Rat.


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[h=1]Is Uruguay’s president Jos Mujica the world's most humble leader?[/h]Uruguay’s President lives in a farmhouse, flies economy and donates most of his salary to social projects. How does your country's leader compare?

Jos Mujica, President of Uruguay, made the headlines last year for his humble lifestyle, offering a stark contrast to the lavish lives of many modern day politicians.

Speaking to the Guardian from his small one-bedroom Montevideo home, Mujica says he realises that asking his counterparts to adopt a more sober lifestyle may not go down well.
However, as Pope Francis preaches humility, calling on hundreds of Argentinians not to fly to Rome to celebrate with him but to donate the money they would have spent on travel to the poor, is the tide changing on world leaders leading extravagant lives?
How do your politicians compare? And who do you think is leading the way? Share your stories in the thread.

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Sarkar ko khabar ayi hogi ke kafi public hai muree main, to chaldi se ja ker Dahi bhalo ki reydi laga loun.


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Compare our leaders with these leaders.

Prime Minister CAMEROON - UK




NORWAY'S Prime Minister


Here are a couple of Danish Liberal MPs wheeling their bikes in to Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, while on a formal visit to the Queen in September 2011 to discuss the selection of a Prime Minister.


MPs from the Liberal party decided to arrive at the Queen’s residence on Velorbis bicycles.


The Velorbis bicycles are part of a large Velorbis bicycle fleet available for politicians to use for getting to and from meetings at various locations in central Copenhagen.

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Re: President Mamnnon Hussain VIP protocol in Muree, tourists face difficulties

isko koi mu lgata ne ye khwmkha k mze lera hai