President foreign exchange association talks about their recent meeting with PM Khan

Citizen X

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Another classic example of how Media spreads fabricated and fake stories. All day today this was the headline all over. That PM held a meeting over dollar rate.

This is the second person today after Hamad Azhar ( In Naseem Zhera's Show ) who has totally discredited the story. Best was how Zhera Aunty acted all shocked to how could this be? But but but all news channels were running this story since morning!

Just goes to show, koi bhi shosha market mein chord deta hai and without any verification the entire media machine runs that story nonstop on the hour, every hour. I bet this fake news must have been the main topic of discussion on some shows.


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Iss Ka Baap Bostan also ate lot of Dollars by Hundi n Smuggling; In all time crisis they are involved;