Prepare for difficult times, China’s Xi urges as trade war simmers

Bilal Raza

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Today on the new Long March we must overcome various major risks and challenges, says Chinese President

China must prepare for difficult times as the international situation is increasingly complex, President Xi Jinping said in comments carried by state media on Wednesday, as the US-China trade war took a mounting toll on tech giant Huawei.

The world’s two largest economies have escalated tariff increases on each other’s imports after talks broke down to resolve their dispute, and the acrimony has intensified since Washington last week blacklisted Chinese telecom equipment company Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

The listing, which curbs Huawei’s access to US-made components, is a potentially devastating blow for the company that has rattled technology supply chains and investors, and saw several mobile carriers on Wednesday delay the launch of new Huawei smartphone handsets.

During a three-day trip this week to the southern province of Jiangxi, a cradle of China’s Communist revolution, Xi urged people to learn the lessons of the hardships of the past.

“Today, on the new Long March, we must overcome various major risks and challenges from home and abroad,” state news agency Xinhuaparaphrased Xi as saying, referring to the 1934-36 trek of Communist Party members fleeing a civil war to a remote rural base, from where they re-grouped and eventually took power in 1949.

“Our country is still in a period of important strategic opportunities for development, but the international situation is increasingly complicated,” he said. “We must be conscious of the long-term and complex nature of various unfavorable factors at home and abroad, and appropriately prepare for various difficult situations.”

The report did not elaborate on those difficulties, and did not directly mention the trade war or of the United States.



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At least Chinese President has a plan and guiding a path for his nation.

Unlike puppet Khan and his masters who have no plan and they never tell the truth to public.


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USA has found a new slave to make them rich its called India and china is been ditched now because they were trying to become masters


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China is a very old civilization.It has been around for thousands of years.Its people are very patriotic ,hard working and have unity.China's one party system also is a big advantage.In the fifties Russians were helping China develop nuclear weapons.China-Russia relation became sour and Russians pulled but China still managed to develop it nuclear weapons four years later.America is desperately trying to stop China become the biggest economy but it won't succeed.China has a population of 1.3 billion vs America's 300m so why shouldn't China be the biggest economy.America has to accept the facts.American economy is stocks and derivative and service industries whereas China make products.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
At least Chinese President has a plan and guiding a path for his nation.

Unlike puppet Khan and his masters who have no plan and they never tell the truth to public.
China never had any leader like Nawaz & Zardari, the biggest crooks in the history of Pakistan. Post-revolution all Chinese Leaders were Patriotic, unlike Pakistan where leaders are loyal to our enemies.