PPP Agli Bari Phir Zardari Agli Bari Phir Zardari


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(thumbsdown)(thumbsdown)(thumbsdown)sho*t Them All moth*r F***ers! anparh jahil jazbaati bewaqoof janwer shame shame shame kahan hai ager zinda hai kisi **** k bachoon :angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile:(thumbsdown)(thumbsdown)(thumbsdown) janwer mai bhi itni aqal hoti hai k ager malik zulm karay to bewafa ho jata hai ye pata nhi janweroon say bhi bad tar hain beghairut log!


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Whhhhhhhaaaaaaattttttttttt the ffffffffffffffffffff~~~~~~~cccccckkkk.

Wake up pakeees how long are you going go let these idiots to decide your fates?

Types of PPP and PMLN supporters

En Kay supporter sirf teen kisem k hain

1. En k rishtaydar

2. Bikao mall (Kuch Jin k mafad en k power main rehnay say, Kuch wo Jo en k liyay kam kartay hain dehari k tattoo aur Kuch Jo en k neechay Lagay hain)

3. Jo Jahil hain aur En k mafad ko Pakistan ka mafad samajh rahay hain.

I have all my sympathies with the third type because it's not their fault they are deliberately kept like that by ppp and non. We have to educate them and tell them to differentiate between what is good for them or Pakistan "and" what is good for non and ppp. Once we did that, they will be kicked out of our politics for good. Keep it up Pakistan and PTI.


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Guys..don't forget these people in the Video are living comfortably in the West...The Video could have been made in London...So they are not suffering with loadshading/high inflation & major un-employment....So these idiots are not seeing the suffering first hand and oblivious from ground realities.

Let them wear these Suits in Punjab or Sindh swealtering heat...with no Electricity....then go and ask whether Zardari zindabad or murdabad....

Faheem Niaz

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Agli baari , Phir Zardari, wo bhi Jail mein , Yaa kabbar mein .

Jaahilon ka tolaa kathaa kiya hua hai,


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Anparh jahil jazbaati bewaqoof janwer shame shame shame,Jahalat kee intehaa hay..............................

Khudaa taala say duaa hay in baywaqoofoon koo aqalatta farmaay yaa joo thori buhat hay inkay paas woh bhee cheen lay....
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These mother ****** have nothing else to do. Especially that Buddha..Why dont Scotland Yard simply deport them from UK? :please:


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پی پی پی بلے او بلے - جیاے کنجر تے لیڈر دلہے
پی پی پی بلے او بلے - جیاے کنجر تے لیڈر دلہے

Zulfi Khan

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Brothers, remember one thing that these persons had always been in the world.These bad persons
existed in all the time.May Allah guide our Pakistani brothers towards the right path: Islam and be
the supporter of the truth and the opponent of the falsehood.Geo Imran Khan! Geo PTI!Vote for PTI Inshallah!


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These people are not stupid . They are the direct or indirect beneficiaries of the PPP Govt . Most likely, they dont have any marketable skills. Their daal-roti is tied to PPP staying in power so they can make a living out of the crumbs of corruption. No amount of arguments can change their mind.


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waste of time , If the elections are fair PPPP will only survive in Interior Sind, It is easy to stay a supporter of PPPP from UK, in Pakistan PPPP is the single most hated entity in Pakistan. PPPP has only 29 seats from Sindh the rest are from Punjab and KPK and Baluchistan this time round PPPP would be the biggest loosers in elections followed by PMLQ and then PMLN