Power Play – 25th August 2017 - Asif ali Zardari Exclusive Interview


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A criminal former president on tv.. Such low standards.. Wow.. What pearls of wisdom can he teach? Ayyan Ali..


Minister (2k+ posts)
Zardari is a criminal. He thinks that with "Pakistan Khapay" drama what license to loot, plunder and dismemberment of Pakistan )by the 18th amendment) he got, he would be able to do the same again by rephrasing it as "Nawaz Sharif is a traitor (which seems correct) meaning Zardari is loyal to Pakistan" is a mistaken belief. Neither his claiming of credit to name KPK will get him any milage ( as Pakhtun are not so stupid to be indebted with change of the name which in reality is nothing) nor his selling of dismemberment of Pakistan through the legal means of 18th amendments to the Americans will result in any benefit to him. His game is over. He is an equal traitor. He wants to dismember Pakistan softly and quickly while the other may do it bluntly and with more blood shed. The efforts and objective of both has been weakening and breaking of Pakistan into four countries. Zardari thinks that once his threatening speech has not worked, standing with establishment by declaring Nawaz Sharif a traitor will work. Will someone tell him " IT WILL NOT WORK" AND HE WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO BE BEHIND THE BARS.
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