Point Blank with Lucman 26th August 2010


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Shameful .... Mubashir had brought these very clear evidence of fake encounters few months back but nothing was ever done. We can see vey clearly the faces of all these culprit policemen ... and I am sure everybody knows who are the real puppet masters behind these policemen on whose orders these people were killed. Also again the point is not whether these people who were killed were proven to be guilty or not, the police has absolutely no right to kill them. .... They cannot be the judge, the jury and the executioner....Our judicial system needs to be overhauled and justice has to be served on equal basis. These tortures, killings and abuse of power has to stop. Police is being used by the political parties for their own gain and this has to stop. I wish this footage can be shown on all channels and perhaps the Chief Justice can take suo motto on these cases too. The culprits must be brought to justice or Allah's justice which has no bounds will prevail ... as once we as a society fails to provide justice, the Almighty will not ... His justice will be served and we should all seek mercy when that time comes. I hope some of us can also send the links of this program to the relevant parties .... such as Chief Minister, IG Punjab, President and Prime minister houses ... This whole corrupt system needs a major change.


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mein kasam se luqman sab ka bara fan tha....kal b inn ka programm daikh aaj b daikha pata nahi kiyon inn ko shouk jaag gia hai fauj ko laanay ka.phir fauj aa jay gi tou fauj k khilaaf ho jaine gay....humari fauj se ziyeda koi crupt nahi hai woh b tab aatay haine jab yeh zardari nawaz jaisay ghadaar mulak faroosh aapna paisa transfer kar chukay hotay haine phir fauj apni baari lainay aa jati hai lootati hai aur musharaf jaisay ********* londone meine ja k baith jatay haine aur sisat shurooh kar daitay haine.....kitnay baighrat qaum haine hum yeh sab lutairay humaray mulk ko loot kar baari baari ja rahay haine aur hum chup haine khamosh tamashai haine .aur phir uss pe yeh luqmaan bhai jaisay log jin ko siway musharaf jaisay logoon k koi nazar hi nahi aata hai.


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I have written before that the politicians involvement in police deptt is ruining the whole system,insteasd of making some good changes they are making it worst because these damn illiterate politicians look only one way, personel vendetta or brutality through police.Mian shahbaz sharif in his first term before he was deported to Jeddah, Abid Boxer gave the statement that he committed 56 fake encounters on the order of shahbaz sharif and can testify if he is given surety that he will get justice.shahbaz sharif is not saying anything about it then the sialkot incident happen,two lovely innocents were killed broad day light right in front of DPO,SHO and other policemen.Is this our law of land to kill first and then find him guilty .RPO guranwala started this heinous and gruesome game play to have fake encounters and then dead were driven around the city like he defeated another country and CM goes there and comgratulate him.The human being inside shahbaz sharif is dead and an animal took its place thats why he is behaving like an animal.what happen in sialkot ,nothing will happen because DPO,SHO and others had the blessings of CM so now they will find some kind of scapegoat to save DPO and SHO thats why dirty games are already underway.Evertthing happened in front of police so how he will save them.Its upto the judicial system to punish them by hanging to set an example.This is also the test of the judiciary.I agree with mr.Shami,police need the real new training and judiciary should ask the culprit if he was tortured,if he was then the court take a very severe action against the police.Police have no right to beat up anyone for cofession.If shahbaz sharif intervened and try to save the DPO,SHO and others ,he should know there is nature's wrath he will go through,he also have kids ,just imagine if someone kill his sons and how he will feel about it?we want justice,these police B**** and others should be treated same way ,they treated those innocent boys.I have my belief that village will go through the natural disaster and whole village will be vanished what kind of cruelty they have shown.Laanat on all these villagers.No wonder if any policemen dies no one shed any tear because they are B****so who care.I want to ask Shahbaz sharif why are you becoming so cruel,do you belong to "Halaku Family".let the law take its course.