Point Blank with Lucman 13th Sep 2010


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Mubashir Luqman ap ne sailaab walon k naam pe Imran Khan (PTI) ka so called fake camp dakhaya.
You do good programs but atleast stop doing flicks for the sake of political nepotism. It would be better if you've had explained yourself.
I cannot see your programs now. Because many people trusted you and you exploited people's trust. thats the worst thing a human can do


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u r rite bro.....i was a fan of mubashar luqman but he have sold himself like these dirty politicions....i also hate him from the day he have made a fake video against IMRAN KHAN .i will appeal to all forum members plz stop watching the program of these kind of liars.so they loose there viewership and there channels can kick there ass and through them out of there chanell.


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Mubashir did it in good faith. the camps were as they were. they did not create them. Later new scene might have been created, Lucman is a journalist, not a politician, keep it in your mind.


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All The Fellows complaining Why he showed you that side of the picture... I have got something for you.... Dont know if this link works in here... BUT watch it and BAN GEO TOO ....Caz they showed you what that saw and observed.............


Journalism doesnt mean to show you things which you feel comfortable watching..... It works both way..... No one forces you to watch any program... At the end choice is yours if you Only wanna see things that please you.....
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for god sake followers of imran dont react like followers of mqm if you behave like this then what is the difference between you and mqm


Stop recating like MQM I am feeling the same smell as mqm peoples do for god sake try to absorb criticism and fight positively if you think he is wrong then show positivism please dont curropt truse sense of PTI The way you guys are reacting is not proper way


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Mubashir Luqmaan Sahib aapse sirf itni ghuzarish hai
ke being as an anchor person and an honest journalist
apne Khuda ko Hazir o Nazir jaante huwe apne naazreen
aur qaareen ko sach aur huq par mabni haqeeqaton se
aashkaar karayeN, kisii siasee jamaat aur party leader
ke saath apni hamdardiyaN Hasil karne ke liye kisee aur
party leader par buhtaan na lagaayeN aur na hi kisee ki
Gheebat kareN.
yaad rakheN aik din aapko bhi jawaab dahee ke liye
allah subhanahu ta'alaa ke haN Hazir hona paRega...
agar aakhrat par aapka emaan hai tou jo sach hai
vohi deekhayeN aur likhye.
Khair andesh


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Dirty pig face is an anchor ? i cant believe.Only in Pakistan it is possible incident like this .This nation dosent need a HELL because of these type of SHAITAN are in the media.
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