PMLN MNA Abdul Ghafoor Dogar fight with PIA officials at Karachi Airport guess why ?


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Excellent, well done PIA ..

Its just not revenue but captain does not get accurate cargo weight
which could be dangerous for flight safety ..

PIA had a close call in Singapore a few years back
and on investigation they found that cargo weight was more than double than what was reported to captain ..


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ایک وقت آے گا جب لوگوں کے لئے سب سے زیادہ ضروری زن، زر اور زمین ہوگا اور پھر ہم نے ایک نئی نسل کے جانور دیکھے، جن کے لئے نہاری، پاۓ اور آم کی پیٹیاں ہر چیز سے بڑھ کر ہیں ہاہا


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Iss dhora Dangarr ki koi foto to lagain takeh yeh dangarr kabhi London aa a to jooton saay iss jahil ke bachay ki khatirr krain


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His behaviour is typical of a jahil patwari.Nangi league is full of drug smugglers(ephedrine abbasi),money launderers(ishaq dollar) ,murderers(showbaz and rana the terrorist) , common criminals and jahils .Its not a party its a criminal mafia.