PMLN Leadership Iqtidar Ke Aakhri Dinon Army Leadership Se Meeting Kyun Karti Rahi? Khawaja Asif Reveals


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PML-N is bat par roti hai k Establishment neutral q hai? Hamesha ki tarah unhay support q nhi kar rahi. Aur isi liye PML-N kehti hai k Establishment ka unhay support na karna aesa hi hai jese woh IK ko support kar rahi hai.


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Begairat besharam loot maar kar ke truth and reconciliation karna chahtay hai.
Seedhi se baat hai paisay wapis and disqualification from public office.


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It will be an understatement to call this anchorwoman naive when she talks about reconciliation commission. What a criminal conviction has to do with a truth and reconciliation commission? Does she understand the difference between the two of them?

Why these brainless people are on TV even? or there is an agenda these people have to sell?