PML (N) ko ek baar phir baywaqoof bananay ke Tiyarian Mukammal - by Ansaar Abbasi

Rana Tahir Mahmood

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چوروں کا ٹولہ ہے. کچھ کو حکومت جانے کا ڈر اور باقیوں کو باری کے جانے کا


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Waste of time, PMLN is not innocents; they are partners in crime of PPP.
People of Pakistan are taken for a ride by these two corrupt parties and MQM is exploiting the vulnerabilities of PPP to destroy Karachi with impunity.

Nothing is going to change, until and unless Pakistani people wise up and clearly see the evil these criminals are. Otherwise, writings are on the wall. God forbid if it is or will be too late to act.

Wake up Pakistan.
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