PM Nawaz Sharif Made Non-Functional

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According to some well placed sources the powerful establishment in Pakistan has taken a serious view of Panama Leaks and alleged involvement of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The establishment decided to avoid scandalisation of the issue avoid chaos in the country as agitation by some leaders of opposition could lead and Pakistan's enemies taking advantage of it.

The Prime Minister has been asked to either resign or step aside from his official position till his name is cleared by the establishment after thorough unbiased investigation.

He was stopped to attend official functions and issue orders as PM before he proceeded to London. He will not return to his office till investigations are not complete to the satisfaction of the establishment.

Then depending on the results either he will either return honorably or resign. Meanwhile the federal cabinet and the Provincial governments will continue to work normally.(forwarded as received)
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Establishment is Khassi.

It took the mighty and powerful establishment 30 years to realize that the Mian Sanp they created in 80's is involved in corruption.

Give me a break:lol:


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don't think so ...

is Nawaz's corruption and haraamkhori something new that establishment know now??? same as nearly all of our political party office bearers... is dumping money in the country or off shore assets are that hidden which cannot be seen before??? are lavish life styles a hidden secret of the so called elite, whether they are in politics, civil services, business-men (they are also tax-dodgers, generally), armed forces officials (in very high %)... and tawaif judiciary ????

they are all helpers of one another, birds of the same flock. Crooks like Nawaz is only worried that if this issue is not settled, which in my opinion will not settle, their wealth and riches off-shore is in grave danger of being confiscated..... as far as their support, power and fame in Pakistan, they are not worried for that, should they??


PM NAWAZ SHARIF MADE NON-FUNCTIONAL May be you are right but N league is getting ready to reply all allegations---
on otherside we may say its too late-- see this breaking news


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You guys remember this Nawaz trying to gift a BMW to Gen Waheed Kakar ?....long long time back ?
He is always getting caught like a monkey with his hands in the cookie jar!!!
But sadly we as a people are just as corrupt and have accepted this corruption as part of our society ....


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Unless and until corruption is not eliminated from Judiciary and Army, it will be useless to punish only the politicians for corruption.