PM Narendra Modi Welcomes Judgement On Triple Talaq, Calls It 'Historic'

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today hailed the Supreme Court judgement on triple talaq as "historic" and said it grants equality to Muslim women. He said the judgement will serve as a powerful measure for women empowerment. The Supreme Court by a majority verdict set aside the practice of divorce through triple talaq among Muslims, saying the practice was void, illegal and unconstitutional.


While welcoming the judgement on the issue, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, asked the central government to enact a law on it soon. "Traditions like triple talaq are like mental and social harassment of our sisters and daughters and are an impediment in the progress of modern Indian society," he said on Twitter.

According to Union Minister Maneka Gandhi, "it is a step towards gender justice and equality". Congress leader Salman Khurshid too called it a "good decision".

BJP spokesperson Aman Sinha said the judgement has vindicated the stand of the Narendra Modi government. Mr Sinha, who is also a senior advocate, said the majority verdict of the five-judge Constitution bench would give Muslim women the right to lead a dignified life.

Referring to the Independence Day speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mr Sinha said, "The Prime Minister had raised the issue of plight of women due to regressive practice of triple talaq and today it has been held unconstitutional."

The All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board and the All India Shia Personal Law Board termed the judgement as a victory of Islam and Muslim women in the country. The decision, they said, has given new hope to Muslim women.
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Imran the legend

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Modi has done a great job for Muslim women which no other Muslim person country or molvies have done. Triple talak was not Islamic it was to harras women corrupt molvies bringing there own rules and using religion to bringing hate and extremist. Think logic man is angry not thinking he says talak 3 times verbal wats ap, texts the marriage has ended kids life's destroyed families destroyed then when the man is calm anger is gone he regrets it. This can never be Islamic. The correct way you give one talak then you wait month so both parties think learn forgive. If not then give second talak then wait another month then the 3 rd month final. This way is better no regrets because it toil 3 months and not through text wats app. These molvies should be regulated and punished for wrong teaching and wrong unislamic ways.
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