PM approves enforcement of Urdu as official language - Govt. submits plan to Supreme Court.


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Even countries like China and Russia which were averse to English so far are adopting English as a universal language. We are behind times always and take unnecessary stupid retrogressive steps instead of moving ahead. Like moving the clock back by Musharraf. Urdu has no significance for us. If at all, Arabic should be the national language. At least it will help us in understanding religion and we will not be at the mercy of mullahs for interpretation of the Holy Quran. Urdu is a lashkari language, a mxture of turkish, sanskrit, persian etc. It has no originality of its own. As the vernacular adage goes "if a bear has nothing to do it will scratch it's balls"


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mushkil is jahil ki phir bhi solve nahi hui, bol to phir bhi nahi sake bewaquuf, chahe urdu se punjabi kio na kardo, it is about what u r speaking, hahahahahah sorry noore sahab
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