Physical Description of Umar bin Khattab


Any brother or sister who is well aware of islamic history could find me the number of people killed by Umar bin Khataab. I could not search exact number. I would be so thankful to you


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Don't you feel thrilled to meet such personalities, the chosen ones by Allah subhan Tallah in Jannat?

But How many of us are following the deen or striving to enter Jannat?
May Allah bless us all and grant us Jannat. Inshallah I will meet our Prohphet pbuh and 4 caliphs in Jannat. Allah subhana tallah is most merciful --- even if kafir repent at age of 100 years --- Allah subhana tallah will surely forgive him. Its never too late but do we know when we will die? So its better to seek forgiveness today from Allah subhan tallah instead of leaving it for next day/year.