Pervez Musharraf Sab Kuch Hosakta hai Magar Ghaddar Nahin Ho Sakta, Faisal Raza Abidi


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10000000000000000000000000000000 % 00 Agreed magarr MQM ko support aur unn ghadaron ki help karr ke achha nahi kia


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Yes, Musharraf is not Ghaddar, infact, he was one of the best ruler of Pakistan. The leaders of PML-N, PPP, MQM, ANP, JUI-F etc... These are the real Ghaddars of the nation.


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In 2002, Musharraf sent Pakistan’s Army into South Waziristan to quell Al Qaeda and local sympathizers. In 2004, the Army intensified its operations, and, as violence spread, Musharraf allowed the C.I.A. to fly drones to support Pakistani military action. In exchange, Musharraf told me, the Bush Administration “supplied us helicopters with precision weapons and night-operating capability.” He added, “The problem was intelligence collection and targeting. . . . The Americans brought the drones to bear.”

Musharraf allowed the C.I.A. to operate drones out of a Pakistani base in Baluchistan. He told me that he often urged Bush Administration officials, “Give the drones to Pakistan.” That was not possible, he was told, “because of high-technology transfer restrictions.”


Man who allowed US to conduct Drone attacks can't be called a "Ghaddar"
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