Patwarkhana changes in kpk..


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Good work! Quickly computerise land-record with the help of google maps and GPS system... measure every single inch of land and record it, unlike current cloth-maps.


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I have even heard from Afghan brothers that they are not teased by the police now and that the behavior of Police have gone well with them as well. Probably an order from behind to end the discriminatory behavior. Not sure but that's what few afghans said.


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Every single post about the change in KPK brings loads happiness. Feeling lucky & proud of being from such a province which is soon gonna be a model for rest of Pakistan.


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If PTI only control Patwaris and police I bet they can win next elections.........................Baqi Drone,dehshatgardi,Taliban PTI kay baas ka khail nahain so they must focus social problems to benefit masses because these masses can make mess of any one like PPP in general elections.