PAT Women workers are doing different sorts of warm up exercises in order to remain fit & active


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معذرت کے ساتھ
قادری صاحب کی بی،بہن،بیوی نظر نہیں آ رہی لگتا ہے انھیں اس "مشق" کی ضرورت نہیں پہلے سے ہی "ایک دھم فٹ" دکھائی دیتی ہیں
لونڈے بیچارے تو پپو نکلے باپ تو پھر بھی دن میں ایک بار باہر نکل آتا ہے


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No matter how much anyone disagree with PAT and Tahir-ul-Qadri, but on point everyone has to Agree on that PAT member's are extremely discipline.

Several TV channels reported that PAT has arranged for their member's Food, washroom services, water for Dharna attendees. They regularly clean the areas where they are Protesting. This show signs of Leadership in PAT, which trickles down to PAT members.


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Moving your arms in the air is not going to keep you fit ladies that is why you dont show signs of fitness on your need resistance training to achieve fitness


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NEWS Reporter ne apne chaske ke liye khawateen ki exercise main ghuss ker khabar bana li..waise bi Padri media coverage ka bhooka hai..koi na koi item provide ker hi deta hai media main IN rehne k liye