Pakistan's Response to Fox News Story - PAKISTAN OR PORNISTAN


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Excellent work .. Thanks for Sharing

Look at the Timing:
Pakistan lead the facebook protest and after a month they release such report. One argument was common in critics responce
"On one side Pakistani ban facebook in protest and on the other side ..... "

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Rana Tahir Mahmood

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Fox News report is merely a propaganda against Pakistan because of special concerns with Pakistanis. Pakistanis are trying to tackle the issue with "JAT JAPPHA" behavior without any logical arguments and that is why such idiots are making Pakistan at the anvil. Number of usage of internet depends on the population ratio with the internet usage access and it is strange that the biggest populated countries could not top the Pakistan in this field. In such countries where porn sites and porn TV channels are allowed they have thousands time more access than Pakistan while in Muslim countries the governments have already blocked such web sites. In Pakistan PTA has also blocked such site so the ratio of access to such site becomes nominal because of some potential sites as compared to open countries. This is just a biased approach by the concerned media.


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Zindabad Salman ALi, Excellent post, I am totally agreed with your point as at one point they wanted Muslims to be moderate and on the other they blame us of indulged. This is the double standards of west. We need to be vigilant and affirmative on our response to their nonsence.

Zindabad Salman Ali Mashallah.
Pakistan proud of you.

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very good research and thankyou for the time and energy that you spent on this to alleviate our anguish, though you are right Foxnews is trash.


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I think what we need to high light here is the growing number of catholic priests sex scandle to give them a taste of their own medicine..... Bloody homos .....