Pakistanis are suffering due to Tabdeeli


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Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
If you guys are off topic then tell me bushra pinki mother’s day kon se bacho Aur kaha celebrate kere gi imran ka kids ya menka house main ?


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Lagta hai youthias ke pass koi sensible jawab nahi lol
So are you trying to prove here that because PPP & N league stacked up the debt to over $95 billion, PTI is responsible for all of this mess? May be you're trying to say that how PTI is incompetent that they can't figure out how to pay off the debt which PPP and N league had taken.
It's as simple as this your father takes a large amount of debt which is beyond your whole family's total income and wealth, you inherit it from your father and your family including your father tells you that beta tujy itna pala posa islieya tha k tu hamara qarza na utar suky...lukh de lanat hai tery pe. Aur log tujy incompetent bolein aur kahein, Saly koi sensible jawab nahin hai lol. Saly kam nahin ata to wapis apny baap k hawaly ker ye sara kam danda tuj se to behtar wo kam chala raha tha. at least oskey shakal aur umr dekh k log osko Qarza to de daity thy.
Do you get it or your consciousness has given up on you and you're just being part of the problem than solution?