Pakistani Made Football Boycotted, not being used in the World Cup


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I watched the video again and again. No one knew what was the issue besides Abdur Rasheed Godal. My stomach is burning crediting MQM MNA.


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funny pic. but i was shocked to listen this news,it is realy shocking for me,pakistan is loosing int. market, and our rulers r sleeping..


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Please dont forget we are fighting 4th generation warfare.

China is copying and producing nearly everything high quality for USA and Europe and low quality for 3third world country.


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This is not the first time that FIFA didn't use Pakistani made footballs. They stopped using Pakistani footballs after 2002 because of the child labor controversy. According to FIFA child labor was the only reason they are no more using Pakistani footballs. In 2006 FIFA used Thailand made Adidas brand while in 2010 they are using China made Adidas ball called Jabulani. It is claimed to be the roundest ball ever made.

BTW the picture shown above is the same Jabulani ball not a Pakistani made ball :)