Pakistani Community Radio in Birmingham UK


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Birmingham has the second largest Pakistani Community in the UK. Despite this, the Pakistani Community is amongst the most deprived lagging behind in Education, Employment, Achievement, Arts and Culture.
A Radio Station dedicated to the British Pakistani community is a powerful tool to address the problems within this community by providing a platform for debate, social interaction, education, and training. There is no current radio service anywhere in the UK tailored towards the needs of the Pakistani Community.

Radio Central is the first initiative of its kind. We have been campaigning for a community radio licence for the Pakistani community in Birmingham since 2015 and despite two major efforts to win a licence, Ofcom have refused both applications. We believe this refusal has impacted on the Pakistani Community in Birmingham to have its own voice.
Our team is now applying for the third time for this licence. The deadline for the application is 24th October 2017.

Our team consists of some of the leading TV and Radio broadcasters in the UK. We have worked in the community for over thirty years and understand its needs better than most. Our team also has the backing of MP's, the Business community, and the general public who are aware that there is no such service at the present time, and a service such as the one proposed by Radio Central can tackle so many issues faced by the Pakistani Community and can make a real difference to the lives of tens of thousands of disadvantaged British Pakistanis who believe they do not have a voice. Please help us change this narrative. Please sign this petition and let us create this voice for you. YOUR VOICE!!
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