Pakistan Tonight - 1st August 2011 - Jahangir Badar


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Re: Pakistan Tonight - 1st August 2011 - Jahangir Badar - Old Politics---please do Sumthing New

bader sihib jao ja k pakore kado swal koi aur jawb koi aur


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Thanks fawad nice programme.The agony of this nation is this govt is not sincere and honest,people are sleeping.which country on earth will take this much beating from the hands of so much corrupt and incompetent govt-only pakistan.I fully agree with mr.ashfaq ahmad's views.our borrowed finance minister does talk sensible about the economy to expand the tax base,tax on agriculture,reforms in FBR,control the non-productive expenses and imports etc but he is not given power to implement them because the basic prurpose of this govt is to make money and prolong its stay ,let the country go to hell what i think is their mentality. To govern with wisdom which they dont have ,is out of question.I had written three years ago after watching their governance that this govt will sink the economy and country in the occean because of their bad governance and corruption.Every deptt of the govt,favourtism ,not a single head of deptt is qualified for that job but got it because PM or president appointed them.No wonder all the institutions are going downhill. I still dont understand how selfish and unpatriotic these politicians can be,they should be charged for treason.Ayub khan did very well when he put the"ABDO" on those politicians who were trouble makers and country start going uphill. who will be the saviour of this nation? Army,judiciary and politicians are taking it very easy,we can pray to God to take out our nation from its "AZAB E ILLAHI".Send some one who can take care of this nation which is taking bath with its own blood?