Pakistan nuclear security of concern: Nato


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Pakistan nuclear security of concern: Nato

AFP (3 hours ago) Today

Head of Nato Anders Fogh Rasmussen was in Afghanistan on a one-day visit. AFP (File Photo)

KABUL: The head of Nato said Tuesday he was confident Pakistans nuclear weapons were safe, but admitted it was a matter of concern, the day after the worst assault on a Pakistani military base in two years.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen was in Afghanistan on a one-day visit and met President Hamid Karzai to discuss the transition of security from Nato-led troops to Afghan security forces, which is due to begin in July.
Rasmussen was asked if Nato was concerned about Pakistans nuclear weapons after it took Pakistani forces 17 hours to reclaim control of a naval air base from Taliban attackers and following the death of Osama bin Laden.
I feel confident that Pakistans nuclear arsenal is safe and well protected, said Rasmussen. But of course it is a matter of concern and we follow the situation closely.
The attack in Karachi, the worst on a base since the army headquarters was besieged in October 2009, piled further embarrassment on Pakistan three weeks after the al Qaeda leader was found living in the city of Abbottabad, close to the countrys military academy.
Rasmussen was scheduled to wind up his Afghan visit on Tuesday after spending a night and a full day in Afghanistan.


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ab yahee drama hoga, yahee CIA kese na kese jaga par hamlee karin gai, dunya ko deka nai kaleyai keh neclear weapon safe nahee hai. awr hamaree govt. tau phele hee sai american petoo hai.
inn logoo ka kia hoga, inn kai passs tau dual nationality hai, baag jaiengai. waisai bai jetnai bhee corupt loog hai, yahee america aw UK ine ko pana daiga

Pak Zindabad

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All these episodes happening in Pakistan since last few weeks are actually a start of a Game.........To prove to the world that Pakistan's Nuclear assets are not safe............So far they are successful in their Game Plan. History proves that before attacking, they soften the targets by media Compain.........and they are doing it.


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The Americans and Nato countries should have given to Pakistan Heghteck devices to protect these Navy Planes on first place. But it seems their main

objectives are our nukes. That is why they are playing the same violine (pak nukes are not safe) ?

So far our ruling elite is cncerned , the respect ,honour ,liberty, grandeur they enjoy in Pakistan cant be achived in UK or America. Because there are

already many big guns (rich people).


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U can buy these simple goggles from any electronic shop in West, but only if Our leaders stop getting millions as salaries than we can spend that money on buying tools we need. It is interesting to a see how the base commander come to the base half hour after and he drives a BMW, why. he should have a Navy jeep driven by a navy soldier.

The best thing will be to create your own Industry and not only use them also sell them to the world Market and make money. what happened to the brains of Pak. people who made nuclear weapons, they cannot make simple thing like night goggles
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Yeah there after our nukes! First attack the nation then claim to be the saviours but many are now aware of these tactics.
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