Pakistan ke siwa koi mulk dashtgardi ke khilaaf jang nahi jeet raha - Khawaja Asif


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You call this winning? And, if this is winning then its taking a tad bit longer - only 17+ years.
I guess we only need 17 more years and the scourge of terrorism will be completely wiped out or may be not.

The fact is that Pakistanis are not good at winning anymore except for maybe in cricket.

We couldn't deal with the terrorism during the soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 80s and we used to face almost weekly bombings in
Pakistan - especially in KPK region. And, we can't deal with the wave of terrorism that has swept us since 9/11. The reasons are obvious,
we are always taking orders from other countries, we can't figure out whats in our best interest long-term, we are incompetent, we are corrupt
and honestly the elites of this country could care less as long as their power and flow of money is not impacted.
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