Pakistan defeat by West Indies in the 1st Test was atrocious.


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Pakistan's defeat by the West Indies in the 1st Test was so disappointing, upsetting, and atrocious to watch. The match was in our bag but we could not get the two tail-enders out but I do not solely blame that for the defeat. I believe that the match was lost when Blackwood hit ten boundaries in his fifty runs and Babar Azam allowed him to carry on with the onslaught without putting the fielders on the boundaries where he was hitting fours.

I have always criticized him for being unimaginative in his field placing and bout his slow thinking on the ground and allowing every opposition to score far too many boundaries against us. He is a kind of lethargic captain who shows a lack of leadership qualities and must improve his captaincy skills. More than anything else, it is the continuous failure of our openers and top-order batsmen that has caused so many defeats. Our batsmen lack basic batting techniques and skills and when they play against the good international bowlers they fail to perform. Pakistan must employ batting and bowling coaches who have intensive experience of coaching and scientific knowledge of the game and tell out bowlers and batsmen about the areas where they need to improve their skills.

I should also hope that Yasir Shah, Umar Butt, and Faheem Ashraf are dropped in the next Test match and Hassan Ali is sternly told to keep his cool when batting and stop trying to hit every ball over the ropes. He is not playing goli danda in his village.
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Babar Azam is excellent batsman but he is not good captain. He's too defensive. Even Rizwan would be a better captain than him. Pakistan needs to come out of that defensive mentality.


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Pak lost because they dropped 3 catches and they are dropping easy catches for last 15 years.
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