Pakistan court urges speedy Musharraf arrest

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Pakistan court urges speedy Musharraf arrest
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RAWALPINDI (AFP) - A Pakistani court asked the government Saturday to speed up the arrest of former president Pervez Musharraf amid uncertainty over whether Britain would honour a warrant for his arrest.

Musharraf, who lives in self-imposed exile in London, is wanted over the 2007 murder of ex-premier Benazir Bhutto. Prosecutors accuse him of failing to provide her with enough security and an arrest warrant was issued in February.

"The court asked the prosecution to expedite execution of arrest warrants for Pervez Musharraf for early completion of the trial," public prosecutor Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali told AFP after a hearing Saturday.

"We produced before the court the government's correspondence with the British Home Office including a copy of a letter saying the warrants are under process in Britain," Ali said. The next hearing is set for April 23.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, who visited Islamabad on Tuesday, said during his trip that Britain would "look into any warrant that is produced" but highlighted the absence of an extradition treaty between the two countries.

The former president and military ruler is alleged to have been part of a "broad conspiracy" to have his political rival killed before elections, though the exact nature of the charges against him has not so far been made clear.

Bhutto was killed after addressing an election campaign rally in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, near the capital Islamabad, on December 27, 2007.

At the time, Musharraf's government blamed the assassination on the chief of the Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, who denied any involvement.

Mehsud was killed in a US drone attack in August 2009, one of the most high-profile casualties of the covert American campaign targeting Al-Qaeda and its allies in Pakistan's lawless tribal belt on the Afghan border.

Bhutto, who served two terms as prime minister, had returned from exile two months before she was killed to stand for election.

Her widower Asif Ali Zardari led her Pakistan People's Party to election victory in February 2008 and is now president.

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Re: Pakistan court urges speedy Musharraf arrest - Yahoo News


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PPP confirms Musharraf, Elahi not involved in Benazir murder

Ansar Abbasi
Friday, April 08, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Investigations into the Benazir Bhutto murder case have found not even an iota of evidence about the involvement of former Dictator General Musharraf, Pervez Elahi or any other person nominated by the slain PPP leader during her life. No grand conspiracy involving any of the former rulers or the establishment could also be established.

Sources in the PPP said that the Interior Minister Rehman Malik in his recent briefing to party leadership on the matter has put all the blame on al-Qaeda and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan as was claimed by General Musharrafs regime within days of Benazir Bhuttos assassination.

These sources said that selected leaders in the PPP who were briefed about the outcome of the joint investigations into this high profile murder case, expressed their satisfaction over the probe. It is said that even some of those PPP leaders, who have been publicly demanding inclusion of General Musharraf into this murder case, were also satisfied with the interior ministers report on the murder investigations.

It was, however, decided not to make the report public as the authorities fear that some people, who are under surveillance for their possible connection with the murder case might get alerted.

More than three years after the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the present governments investigations have concluded what Musharraf regime had announced within a couple of days time of her murder.

The Joint Investigation Team constituted by the PPP government has verified that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), led at the time by Baitullah Mehsud, carried out the attack that killed Bhutto. Within a few days time of the murder, the then Interior Ministry official Brigadier Javed Iqbal Cheema had blamed Baitullah Mehsud as being the mastermind of BBs murder.

Cheema had also played the recorded conversation between a man identified as Maulvi sahib and Ameer sahib (Baituallah Mehsud). That discussion of the assassination was intercepted by the Inter Services Intelligence shortly after Bhuttos assassination and was made public. Ameer sahib was identified as Baitullah Mehsud by one of the arrested men.

The News senior crime reporter Shakeel Anjum recently, before the last CEC meeting of the PPP, had revealed what the investigation report contained. It was declared in The News report that Abu Ubaid al-Misry was found the planner of the assassination plot of Benazir Bhutto while the plot was alleged to have been executed by Baitullah Mehsud through his men.

The report disclosed that a powerful satellite mobile phone system Thoraya was provided to the key players of the assassination plot and the sets were provided from Dubai, adding that the connectivity of the system was so strong that its signals could be received under water.

The investigators have monitored the movement of the perpetrators and executors of the plan involved in the assassination through geo-fencing technology to scientifically prove their involvement. The report confirmed that Rafaqat, Husnain Gul, Ikramullah, Aitzaz Shah, Rasheed Turabi and Sher Zaman were involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and they were directly linked to Abu Ubaid Misry and Baitullah Mehsud.

According to the report three key suspects, directly involved in the assassination plan, are still at large. The withholding of the report from making it public, is said to be connected with the missing suspects who have been identified but not yet arrested.

Hasnain Gul, who was arrested on January 5, 2008, had confessed that the two suicide bombers had stayed at his house a day before the assassination. The suicide bombers left a shawl, a cap and a pair of joggers at Hasnains residence. On Sept 12, 2009, some 20 months after the assassination, these articles of clothing were sent to the FBI Laboratory in Quantico for DNA analysis. The FBI report was then compared to the DNA obtained from body parts of the suicide bombers recovered from Liaquat Bagh. The two samples matched corroborated Guls confession and firmly linked the two suicide bombers with Mehsuds network.


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Re: Pakistan court urges speedy Musharraf arrest - Yahoo News

pak ki courts ko benezir ki sb se zyada fiqer benezir ke bachon ko or na hi uske husband ko fiqer hai.......Poore pak ko pta hai in judges ko kya taqleef hai.....Jab musharraf aaega inki taqleef ka elaj bi krega.......


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Re: Pakistan court urges speedy Musharraf arrest - Yahoo News

yasir bhai mujhey nahi lagta k aap ka brave x army gernail aur x president of pakistan aur x commando aur x sapa salaar pakistan wapis aaey ga,, kiun k usse pakistan main her jaga phansi ka phanda dikhai deta hai,, aur phansi ya mout uss ka muqadar hai, kiun k uss ne jo kuch bhe pakistan aur pakistani awaam se keeya, itna bura to india jo k hamara dushman mulk hai uss ne bhe nahi keeya,, Musharaf aaj k era ka meer jafar aur meer sadiq hai, ye aaj k dour ka YAZEED hai, aur INSHA ALLAH WA TALLAH ye mera imaan hai k jesa musharaf ne pakistani awaam k saath keeya uss se bhe but-tur uss k saaath bhe ho ga,,,
ye mafakat e amal hai yasir bhai, aur isse koi nahi jhutla sakta,,,
uss ne LAAL MASJID per hamla sirf aur sirf america ke khush noodi hasil kerne k liay keeya,,, uss ne bugti ka qatal kerwaya jo pakistani wafa daar tha, uss ne be nazir ko iss liay qatal kerwa dia k be nazir raah e raast per aa gai thi, aur CJ ke bahali ke shakal main ussey apni phansi ka phanda dikhai de raha tha,, uss ne america se mil ker k be nazir ko to qatal kerwa dia, magar wo ye baat bhool gaya k marney wali apne peache bohat se sawal chor gai. aur saboot bhe, aur un sab sawalo ka jawab sirf musharaf ne he dena hai,,
duniya main bare se barey phattu dekhey,, magar musharaf jesa phathu,, tattu, aaj tak nahi dekha,,, jo kabhi Saudi shah k minnatein tarley kerta hai, kabhi UAE k sheikh khaleefa k paao perta hai, kabhi UK kabhi america,,, magar wo shaied bhool raha hai k uss ke jaan ke zamanat sirf ALLAH de sakta hai, aur ALLAH se to wo durta nahi,, agar durta hota to america k peachey dum na hilata,, aur mout k dur se yaha se bhaag na jata,,,


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Re: Pakistan court urges speedy Musharraf arrest - Yahoo News

UN aur sub doosree enquiries may Pakistani awam kay tax dollars lagay hain ..................Why shouldn't Supreme Court ask questions? Agar Musharraf involved nahi tu daarta kau hay?.......wapas ah kar defend kar.

pak ki courts ko benezir ki sb se zyada fiqer benezir ke bachon ko or na hi uske husband ko fiqer hai.......Poore pak ko pta hai in judges ko kya taqleef hai.....Jab musharraf aaega inki taqleef ka elaj bi krega.......
Re: Pakistan court urges speedy Musharraf arrest - Yahoo News

میں ڈرتا ورتا کسی سے نہی ھوں۔ میں کمانڈوں ھوں۔ وردی میری کھال ھے۔ سب سے پہلے پاکستان۔ میں کارگل کا ھیرو ھوں۔
واہ کمی کمین گیدڑ۔ بذدل ۔ ناچ گانےوالے مراسی۔ تیری قسمت میں نکلی کمانڈو بننا تھا۔ اب تو یہ کر کہ الطاف ڈان کی شاگردی اختیار کر۔ او گیڈر ڈان بن جا۔ دبئ میں بیٹھہ کر اپنی پارٹی چلا۔

یہ پاکستان کی جاھل عوام کے پیدا کئے ھوئے گیدڑ لیڈر ھیں۔ جس طرح کے عوام اسی طرح کے لیڈر۔
اس گیدڑ نے فوج کو بھی بدنام کر دیا۔ اب اس گیدڑ کو فوج بھی گھاس نہی ڈال رھی۔ اس کی وجہہ آزاد عدلیہ ھے۔ چیف جسٹس تجھہ کو سلام۔ جو تو نے ڈالی اس گیدڑ کو لگام۔


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Re: Pakistan court urges speedy Musharraf arrest - Yahoo News

گیدڑ لیڈر

Agree :D