Pakistan claims 2 more R&AW agents held

Sohail Shuja

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Pakistan Saturday claimed to have arrested two alleged agents of the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) from southern Sindh province.

SSP, Counter Terrorism Department, Naveed Khawaja said the “R&AW agents” were arrested from Thatta city during a raid on a tip-off, the News International reported.

Khawaja identified those arrested as Saddam Hussain and Bachal who, he said, were working for the R&AW in the guise of fishermen in the area. Addressing a press conference, the police officer claimed that India had provided codes to the duo.

Police have seized photographs of sensitive installations from the possession of the “spies”, he said. Khawaja claimed that the alleged agents were planning to disrupt the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

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Acha drama bara agent hai woo mulaq ka PM hai, chotay chotay agent kiya baray agent say tawaja hatanay k liyay hain...

Imran Siddiqi

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Pakisrani scary cat thousand bomb blast in pakistan equal none in India scary Pakistani

This has nothing to do with India. India Ke Hath gadhay ki parchee aaee howee hai.
America in Pakistani Backyard. Once Nato Leaves All indian Mice will run from Afghanistan.
Remember the good Old Days Khalistan and Kashmir.
It can return anytime. All investment from Banglore and IPL will become Poof in no time. Do not provoke ISI. If Pakistan is changing for the better then help it not mess with it. It is not good for anyone.


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ظاہرسی بات ہے جب ایک پورا نیٹ ورک چلا رہا تھا تو اس میں اور بھی لوگ ہوں گے اور اور بھی نیٹ ورک چلا رہے ہوں گے جن کے اندر اور بھی لوگ ہوں گے کلبھوشن کوئی اکلوتا تو نہ ہو گا پاکستان میں پر اصل بات حکومت کی ہے.اس وقت ہمارے ہاں بھی حکومت انڈیا کی ہی ہے.اس لیے سارے بھی پکڑ لئے گئے تو بھی کوئی فرق نہیں پڑتا.جب کہ انڈیا میں پاکستنی کبوتر بھی پکڑا جائے تو اس پر ہنگامہ کھڑا ہو جاتا ہے.
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