PAK Politicians/Army/Nation Tujay Salam for (Great Achivemetns)


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Though i hate pok army`s policies, but i hate taliban`s policies more, whether pakistani or afghani. The whole world is watching them killing each other and innocent civilians. Dont know what kind of muslim army or mujahideen r these!!!!!


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What about another achievement which has turned into a popular culture in Pakistan. Yes I mean kidnapping of its citizens, now there is development on this front as well. We now have wholesale kidnapping of families from there homes. How quickly copy of of their signed statement of accepting 'blood money' started to appear in the media and all the politicians started to blame the families for accepting Diyaat. As Javed Chaudhry stated on his facebook page these family members will be added in the missing persons list shortly. First they get their people killed and now they disappear from the face of this earth as they were never born. Astonishing part is Punjab government has no clue about anything.

We know these kidnappings were a culture in communist countries of Europe and when these regimes collapsed their dark secrets were revealed from the secret files of intelligence agencies.
I am sure ISI secret files hold lot of dark secrets and lot of information about the dark deals they have engaged themselves with enemies of Islam.

For last 60 years our politicians and the Army kept feeding us lies about the enemy they have to defend this country from India, Yahood, Nasara and what not. We starved and kept feeding them 60% of our budget and in the name of foreign aid they kept receiving these kickbacks from America.

God save us, we have created a Frankenstein with our own hands.


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this is very clear that in last half centruy or more , a force that work against Islamic system is Pak army.
And the mess that we have is due to it.
Who created taliban and what was the reason if Pak army had courage/power to defend his border this should not happend and now they are utilizing taliban to proof themselves..... I accept those who are fighting for their land in Afghan and those who are in Pak are part of agencies (Sufi Muhammad every one know he was ISI agent and getting support from him).

moazzamniaz would you like to defend drone attack happened 2 days before on GIRJAA and can you explain what affects it will generate ... DO you think victms family members will be called as doctors or engineers definitly they will go towards taliban side . And indirectly army is generating those taliban ....

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