PAK Justics System is absolutely disgrace- Ch. Nisar's Letter to UK regarding Proofs is Joke

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Ch. Nisar's Letter to UK demanding Proofs of RAW funding to MQM is joke. Recently two Met Police documents related to MQM surfaced on social media and revealed by Dr. Shahid.

No of media outlets sent emails to Met police for and they verified the authenticity of those documents.This was very quick and efficient way to deal with the stuff.

What this govt waiting for from UK to proceed on this matter?


Ayan ali case is in limbo for past few month she hasn't been charged for any single offense so far but still in custody.

Media airing reports on her dress and food should focus & reveal on justice delaying tactics.It should be quick and efficient.


Only politician arrested during on going Karachi operation was Amir Khan of MQM. In this case despite in custody of 90 days was released on bail.

Once again no other corrupt politician from any other political mafia was arrested from Karachi leaving an excuse for them who were arrested and released without being charged.

In short the courts and judicial system doesn't exist despite political and establishment furore on security situation after major incidents of Peshawar and Karachi.

In short All existing Parties & Establishment have made these system unworkable and country ungovernable.



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pak judiciary is the greatest hurdle in providing justice in this used the word LIMBO reminded me of the a movie if u know