Pak Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar speaks about her India visit


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Credit goest 2 Zardari to solve all the problem between India and Pakistan. He gifted this beauty to Indian to play and let the Tension environment break. All indian official/Media only looking at her and forgot everything, Nobody talking bad relationship, they are most interested on her.

Zardari, I told you yesterday, TERA KUTTTTAAY KAY BAAAP KA DEEMAGH hey bhi, Nobody can win from you

EVEN, PM Manmohan ACCEPTED his offer to come to PAKISTAN. Noone can say NO to her. I just remember my days, when we were in collge days and willing to do everything for girls
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اس ادا سے مِسوں نے کہا کم آن۔۔۔۔۔
تیر کی سی مجھ میں اب روانی ہے


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very strong woman, i must say, she is in PPP government, she should immediately leave the post and join Imran's party, warna zaleel hojai gi