Overseas message to all Lifafas (new)

Aamir Dogar

Councller (250+ posts)
[h=2]Ban k rahay ga naya Pakistan.......................inshaAllah:pakistan-flag-wavin:pakistan-flag-wavin:pakistan-flag-wavin:pakistan-flag-wavin[/h]


Minister (2k+ posts)
Now the nation has woken up and we will the issues within the country Insha Allah.
Let's all pray to Allah SWT for the success of this revolution Ameen.

Aamir Dogar

Councller (250+ posts)
Nooray tere din pooray!


MPA (400+ posts)
​Bhai sahib ne Roti itni TUNN ke kha li hai..bechaare ko saans charha hooa hai baat karte hoe...


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Dogar Bhai ... Wondershare ka Video Editor ka Patch mere se le lo... and turn the music down.

btw, very valid points raised. Kudos!
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