Out in Force: 300,000 to march in London anti-cuts protest


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Their Forces operating in Libya now, on other hand they dont have relief for their citizens. First education now this..
So whose agenda is this to attack libya despite of so much decline..???


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http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/blog/2011/mar/26/march-for-the-alternative-live-blog-updatesMarch for the Alternative – live blog

• Estimated 500,000 march in London against public sector cuts
• Police say protest was overwhelmingly peaceful but over 150 arrests have been made
• Hardliners attack Topshop and occupy Fortnum & Mason
10.51pm: PA are reporting that the trouble in Trafalgar Square may have risen from an attempt to damage the Olympic clock, with the following statement from a Met spokesman:
"A large number from the crowd are throwing missiles and have attempted to damage the Olympic clock within the square. Officers have come under sustained attack as they deal with the disorder and attempted criminal damage."
They also carry a more reassuring statement from Bob Broadhurst, the commander who led the police operation, on the minority of troublemakers at the protests:
"I wouldn't call them protesters. They are engaging in criminal activities for their own ends. We anticipated there would be some problems. We have minimised the damage caused. We'll never have enough officers to protect every building in central London. It cannot be done."


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Govt and cops put those dumpsters there on purpose to have voilance to paint a peaceful demonstration voilant and take action against the main people of these peaceful demos. see how nicely they destroying and someone has rightly said on youtube that
The athletic masked people not touched by the police who are smashing everything are called Agents Provocateurs who are paid to cause violence to make the peaceful protests look bad and give police an excuse to hurt the peaceful people."
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