Our Politicians and Prostitution - A Girl Exposes them ALL!


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ye kon si nai baat hai.....inn kay baap bhi prostitutes kay paas jatay thay, phir un prostitute ke haan larki paida hoti thi...wo larki jawan ho kar prostitute banti hai to ye unn kay paas jatay hon gay....who knows????......agay aap khudd samjhdaar hain....kay ho sakta hay ye prostitute rishtay main un ki ''kuch'' lagti ho??


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Islam isi liye deen hai mazhab nahin hai. Mullaism se qaumo ki taqdeer nahin badalti aalimoo se badalti hai. Aalim voh hai to islam ko aik nizam samajhta hai aur is ko khada karne ke fiker main hai.

Usko ko insaniyat ki fiker hai daadhi aur pagdi ki nahin. Jo sab se ziyada zaruri kaam hai voh sab se pehle karne ki fiker kerna hi deen. Insaniyat barbaad ho rahi hai or ham shalwar takhnoon ke ooper karne par ladaee ker rehe hen. Sochne ka maqaam hai. Aqal kis ki pardah main hai, malla ki ya hamari qaum ki, ya phir ham sab ki?




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yeh sharam ya ghairat sirf mediocre class main hi hoti hai.....bohat ghareeb ya bohat ameer bilkul reckless hotay hain....I mean dayyoos


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Condemnation is mainly reserved for one who controls though the responsibility of the controlled is to try to become free. But those who cannot do need help and those who are capable of helping if they do not then they too are equally condemnable.

It is common guilt.


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These are the politicians for them we fight .

I am sure We dont know the definition of politician.

Politicians are for us , we r not for positions.

We own a country and should get that person ,to keep its business clean and fair , who is skilled and positive minded.


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Once there was a politition who become famous as SANDWICH,i forgot his name.
Anybody know his name?



Here is respected PPP minister Abdul Qayyum Jatoi,,, police arrested him from a Islamabad brothal.