only MQM stands alone in new provinces demand today


in political arena MQM was the first ever party which demanded new provinces in pakistan, it was labelled as a traitor, in present time, the exploding population of pak had made political parties today realise that its not treason but need of time, but parties still do not want smaller prvinces and still MQM's demand is thought as division of Pakistan

i just wanna make thread at the right time when no other political party is supporting the demand of new provinces which has shown the fact that only party which is demanding new provinces and administrative units is MQM. it has got opposition from all parties for its demand, including PMLN, PPP, PTI, JI, ANP etc no political party supports the demand.

MMQ first made demand of new provinces as its party stance when it was formed in 1984 and at that time MQM was also alone on this stance, but with time the stark reality has made political parties to realise that if they want to show that they are progressive and forward looking, they have also mentioned province making in their menifesto, like PPP, PTI, and PMLN all have demand of separate province in their respective menifestos

but in reality still MQM remains the only party which is demanding the provinces for real and stands alone on its demands

MQM explains that new provinces is not ethnic demand but it is need of hour and people are getting deprived for lack of provinces

1) opposition of JI


2) opposition of PTI


3) opposition of PPP

4) opposition of PMLN and ANP

New provinces: PML-N, ANP bash MQM

hypocracy of political parties who use new provinces for their political stunts

1) PMLN hypocricy

PMLN passed seraiki, bhawalpur province in 2013 before 2013 election in previous term in Punjab assembly, it was hoped that when PML comes to power after election is will do serious efforts to form new province

2) PPP hypocracy

previously PPP demanded for seraiki province based on ethnicity but it opposes the 'division of sindh' and uses slogan 'marsun marsun sindh na desun), today PPP's Bilawal opposes of formation of provinces completely as counter to PPP's previous statements, because ot faces demands in SIndh now

3) hypocracy of PTI

PTI just recently passed resolution of hazara province in KPK assembly, no new efforts are made to form new province, the resolution was the promise PTI collected votes in hazara division based on its support for province demand, but no new efforts were made to make it a reality, PTI on other hand opposes creation of new province in Sindh

answer to those people who demand Karachi being formed as part of federal territory

FATA and FANA are also federally administered regions of pakistan, today due to increase in population the developing countries are going towards decentralisation and giving more authority to its smaller units, Pakistan should also decentralise and form new provinces
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I strongly support MQM over new provinces on administration basis not on ethnic basis.


I strongly support MQM over new provinces on administration basis not on ethnic basis.

there are more than four ethnicities in Pakistan, pakistanis will need to accept that, seraikis are not Punjabis, hazarawals are not pashtuns and so on and on, mohajirs are not sindhis

by keeping only four ethnic provinces will make the other non representative ethnic groups as deprived, and if sindh, Punjab, balochistan, pushtunkhwa are to be kept intact best solution to avoid any bad blood among pakistanis is to give rights to those non representative ones

PTI itself has passed resolution for hazara province so i don't know why PTI seems so confused?

all the present provinces have been made by the british
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