**OFFICIAL**: Imran Khan Calls for countrywide Protest on Monday 18 June 2012


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Please spread the message and participate

Dear All,
Please find below and attached an urgent circular. My request is that the message has to be communicated to all responsible conveners, members of steering committees and office bearers of the party. The message has to be circulated by the social media as a priority as well urging our members to take part in the protest.


All Steering Committee Conveners, Office Bearers where they exist, and members are being requested to organize demonstrations in every district and major city in front of Press Clubs or any other appropriate place on Monday 18th June 2012. Party Chairman Mr Imran Khan will lead the protest in Islamabad.
The issues to be highlighted during the protests are as follows:

1. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf stands by the Judiciary and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the current blackmailing attempt by Malik Riaz.

2. Malik Riaz has been prompted by the Zardari-Gilani government in their attempt to degrade and destroy the superior judiciary which has been the primary roadblock in their corruption and efforts to rig the future election process.

3. Malik Riaz should name the politicians and media people who have been bought by him in cash and kind, regarding some of whom he has also made claims.

4. Arsalan Iftikhar has to contest his case and if found guilty he should be punished as directed in the Supreme Court order.

Please ensure thorough distribution of information in this circular so that we have a very successful protest.
This is an important step in the interim period when we are deeply involved in membership and party elections. The success of this protest will show to the country that we are a very vibrant political organization.

Dr Arif Alvi
Secretary General
Circular dated 15th June 2012

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Altaf Hussain call for Strike...All MQM voters labeled as

Jalsa Khan calls for a Strike... its all for Greater sacrifice for Pakistan.

End result= net loss of revenue and collective misery for Daily wager.

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