Off The Record - 30th June 2015

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If mqm is so touchy about news coming from London then what is their big brother doing in London?? Koi sharam hotee hai koye haya hotee hai??
mqm kehtee hai "Naheen hotee"

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It is amazing that how these journalists are confusing.
What ever the Army does is according to the governments policy. Now how can Army be doing what it wants? if they want this to happen then don't complain about circumventing the process.

mqm is a terrorist party and any one who supports them in criminal activities or turns a blind eye to that is to be considered an accomplice.

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Good rejoinder from Fawad." If you say they are ganday and we are also ganday then I agree"

AH should be prosecuted for inciting violence. Insha Allah he will be given his due.


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Fawad Chaudhry needs a big chetrol to his back then he will be straight. big prejudice.......


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Aisii Harkaat Na Karo- Ke Yeah Nadamat, Sharmindigi, Nahoosat aur Phitkar Cherey Ki Zeenat Baney Bai9ghairton