Off The Record - 08pm to 09pm - 10th September 2014


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Javaid ch@ you can use same opinion for N.Sharif coz ppl who are representing N-league in jirga don't have mandate.. power is all with N.S but Chaudhry got LIFAFAH from N-League so that's why he is barking against Imran.
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Bilal Hamed

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Javed Choudary: Ye saray halqay khul hi nahi saktey. Possible hi nahi hai.

Dr Moeed: Kuon nahi khul saktey ? Yehi to sawal hai ?


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Every time javed ch. Barks against imran Khan. Ganjju dispatches a lifafa to him. Raqam barrao nawaz sharif yeh JAIDA T. C. tumare sath hai.


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Javed Ch looks perturbed....

He knows that he is on the wrong side of history but personal interests are taking the precedence over national interests!!!!!
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