Obama slaps down heckling reporter


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Obama Gets Angry as Reporter Interrupts Obamas Press Conference

An extremely unusual occurrence happened today as President Obama spoke at the White House. The president was offering a statement on his executive order suspending deportations for certain illegal immigrants brought here as children (for more on what the move means, read Garance Franke-Ruta's explanation) when a reporter started heckling him and shouting questions.
Interrupting the president mid-speech is considered a serious breach of etiquette, and Obama's reaction shows how peeved (and probably taken aback) he was. Munro, and the Daily Caller, have immediately come in for harsh criticism by a wide range of journalists, including conservative ones. The problem isn't that Munro was asking tough questions; it's that he interrupted the commander-in-chief to ask them and in doing so guaranteed that none of the assembled press would be able to ask any serious questions -- since it's fairly clear that Munro's query was intended as provocation.


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WRONG NEWS.... HE got angry.... and left in protest (without answering reporter's quesitons) after giving his speech!