Obama secretly deploys US special forces to 75 countries across world


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June 5, 2010
Obama secretly deploys US special forces to 75 countries across world
Tim Reid and Michael Evans, Washington

President Obama has secretly sanctioned a huge increase in the number of US special forces carrying out search-and-destroy missions against al-Qaeda and mujahideen around the world, with American troops now operating in 75 countries.

The dramatic expansion in the use of special forces, which in their global span go far beyond the covert missions authorised by George W. Bush, reflects how aggressively the President is pursuing al-Qaeda behind his public rhetoric of global engagement and diplomacy.

When Mr Obama took office US special forces were operating in fewer than 60 countries. In the past 18 months he has ordered a big expansion in Yemen and the Horn of Africa known areas of strong al-Qaeda activity and elsewhere in the Middle East, central Asia and Africa.

According to The Washington Post, Mr Obama has also approved pre-emptive special forces strikes to disrupt terror plots, and has given the units powers and authority that was not granted by Mr Bush when he occupied the White House.

It also emerged yesterday that Robert Gates, the US Defence Secretary, has ordered the Pentagon to find savings of more than $100 billion (68 billion) over the next five years to redistribute more funds for combat forces including special operations units. Mr Gates has called on all departments to come up with proposals by July 31, and is initially demanding $7 billion in cuts and efficiencies for the 2012 fiscal year, and further cuts each year up to 2016.

The effort to provide more money for combat forces in Afghanistan and Iraq including special operations units is likely to lead to a clash with Congress, and also with the defence industry if favoured equipment programmes are scrapped.

The aggressive secret war against al-Qaeda and other islamic groups has coincided with a surge in the number of US drone attacks in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan, since Mr Obama took office.

Just weeks after he entered the White House, the number of missile strikes from the CIA-operated unmanned drones significantly increased, and the pattern has remained. In Iraq, US forces have killed 34 out of the top 42 al-Qaeda operatives in the past 90 days alone.

General Ray Odierno, the US commander in Baghdad, disclosed yesterday that special forces had penetrated the al-Qaeda headquarters in Mosul in northern Iraq, which had helped them to target key figures involved in financing and recruiting .

Mr Obama has asked for a 5.7 per cent increase in the Special Operations budget for the 2011 fiscal year a total of $6.3 billion on top of an additional $3.5 billion he requested this year.

Of about 13,000 US special forces deployed overseas, about 9,000 are evenly divided between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their use, and the increase in drone attacks, is a strategy that has been strongly advocated by Joe Biden, the Vice-President, but criticised by the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hundreds of civilians have died in special operations A report last week revealed that the top US commander in the Middle East had signed an order last September authorising a big expansion of clandestine military missions in the region, and also in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.

General David Petraeus signed the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force Executive Order on September 30. In the three months that followed there was a surge of special operations troops into Yemen, where US operatives are now training local forces.

Since then, US military specialists working with Yemeni armed forces are said to have killed six out of 15 leaders of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The raids followed reports linking the group to the murder of 13 Americans at Fort Hood, Texas, and the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Northwest Airlines jet.

The order also allowed for US special forces to enter Iran to gather intelligence for a possible future military strike if tensions over its alleged nuclear weapons programme escalate dramatically.

The seven-page document states that the surge is designed to build networks that could penetrate, disrupt, defeat or destroy al-Qaeda and other militant groups, and to prepare the environment for future military strikes by US and local forces.

President Obama is reported to have chosen a US intelligence veteran, retired General James Clapper, as his new Director of National Intelligence. General Clapper, whose nomination comes at a time of mounting domestic terror threats, would replace Dennis Blair, who stepped down last month amid heavy criticism over a string of security lapses.

Under the radar

Nov 2002 Hellfire missile fired from a drone at a car in northwest Yemen kills six al-Qaeda fighters, including Qaed Salim Sinan al-Harethi, aide to Osama bin Laden and the planner of the bomb attack on USS Cole

Jan 2006 Missile attack on village of Damadola, Pakistan, kills 18 Pakistani villagers but not the target, al-Qaedas No2, Ayman al-Zawahiri

June 2006 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Qaedas top man in Iraq, killed along with 18 others when a house near Baghdad is bombed by US jets

Dec 2008 Six members of the Afghan police force killed in exchange of friendly fire with US special forces near the city of Qalat

Sep 2009 Four helicopter gunships open fire on a convoy in Barawe, Somalia, killing four Islamic insurgents, including Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, linked to al-Qaeda


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in pakistan already the blackwater (the notorious american terrorist force ) is firmly in place thanks to our civil and military leaderships collaboration with americans.
some wise guy warned at victory of obama that people will forget bush time atrocities in obama,s era ,as he is so anti islam.(this was the time when foolish pakistani people were celebrating the victory of obama)
so now the scenerio is very clear ,it seems that in obamas presidency some sort of world war might start (that is if still some honourable freedom spirited muslims are left in world,otherwise if you see at pakistani so called "moderate" muslims they are happy under american slavery and aggression...just for example who else here criticises our muslim brothers murder in fata?done by american and pak planes flown from pak military bases)

anyway during war the cowards and "moderates"(so called roshan khayaal or actually the people who are not muslim from heart ) wont last long,even their kufar masters may not accept them,remember what halaku khan and changaiz khan did with muslim traitors who helped in muslims defeat by secretly siding with enemy,later changaiz khan and halaku khan mercilessly killed these traitors of islam after their work was done, so these traitors will inshalah become an example of ibrat in both worlds

this is the time when muslims should start preparing for jihad ,because time is not far when this war may be fought in every street and every road here,like its being fought in iraq and afghanistan right now (and unfortunately our nation is siding with the kufar against muslims at present...this great mistake should be corrected ,or what lies ahead is horrible.in both worlds
the talk of operation in punjab after fata is clear indication to the wise that this war aginst muslims will be spread from fata to throughout pakistan and will be fought on every street corner
pakistani nation supported its civil and military rulers ,who were agents of kufar,so it maybe the time that we pay for that sin.
may allah help the muslims
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why are anti islam sects like qadianis being promoted in pakistan nowdays?have you thought about that
its because the kufar are afraid of concept of jihad in islam that keeps them free from aggression of kufar
mirza qadiani like cursed false prophets were invented by british under a conspiracy
mirza the cursed in his new false religion abolished jihad according to dictation from his british masters
the alcoholic mirza in his poems said that jihad is haram now and wheoevr does jihad now is kafir etc
so mirza and his touts by help of kufar are now on top positions of pakistan where these qadianis try to suppress the true islam and promote mirzas religion which believes in slavery to kufar and abolishsing of jihad

on other hand our true prophet muhammadpbuh said in a hadith that whoever does not do jihad nor he prepared for it nor did he did niyyat for it,such person died a munafiqs death!!!!!
this is a sahih hadith of prophet muhammadpbuh


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this present propoganda against jihad and taliban (the islamists who are fighting a winning jihad against mother of evils america ) is a planned conspiracy.kufar are using their slaves to tarnish the image of these brave lions of allah who are defending islam and muslims from kufar aggression
because media is in hands of kufar and their munafiq muslims slaves so this media portrays taliban as some sort of "satans"
the truth is very different.and truth is actually always difficult to get to!but its our own duty to find that truth or we shall pay heavy
americans and their munafiq pakistani slaves arrested aafia siddiqui and kept her nude and tortured and raped her,but this story was kept hidden

on other hand famous bbc presenter yvonne riddley etc were arrested by taliban during american attack on afghanistan ,they were treated so well and these western women became so impressed with charcter of taliban that they embraced islam after being released
many such stories are around us,but our qadiani and munafiqeen run media will never show us the truth
remember!search truth yourself,you people work so hard for your careers that will benefit you only in this world but you people do not serach a little for the truth which will benefit you in eternal life of akhira
remember that those people who are not siding with truth of islam and jihad of present era will never be forgiven by allah in akhira...that is if you people still believe in akhira,though i am sure that in present era even this belief in allahs heaven and hell is weak among so called muslims


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some ahaadeeth of prophet muhammadpbuh

1.Allah's Messenger (PBUH) has said: A group of people (from my Ummah) will continue to fight for the cause of truth, and whoever shows his enmity towards them, will not be able to harm them and one who deserts them will (also) no be able to cause them any harm
(Majmooah Fatawa Sheikhul-Islam Ibn-e-Taimiyyah page 416, 531 volume 28).

2.There is no Hijrah now )after the Conquest of Makkah), but (only) Jihad (in the Cause of Allah) and sincere intention (remain). So when you are asked to set out (on an expedition undertaken for the Cause of Allah), you should (readily) set out. (hadith taken from Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)

He who never took part in jihad, nor did he help someone prepare for it, nor did he look well after some Mujahids house and family, shall meet with some calamity caused by Allah before the Day of Judgment. (hadith taken from Abu Daud)

4...He who died but did not fight in the way of Allah, nor did he express any desire or intention for Jihad, he died with a part of hypocrisy. (hadith taken from Sahih Muslim)


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A US cruise missile armed with cluster ammunition was used in an attack in Yemen in December which resulted in the deaths of 52 people, more than half of them women and children, according to a human rights watchdog.

Amnesty International has now released photographs of missile parts from the attack which appear to show that it was a BGM-109D Tomahawk cruise missile designed to be launched from a warship or submarine. Further images reveal BLU 97 A/B cluster munitions which spray steel fragments for 150 meters along with burning zirconium for igniting buildings. The Yemeni government does not possess cruise missiles, which are part of the arsenal of US Navy vessels patrolling off the Horn of Africa and in the Arabian Sea.

A Yemeni parliamentary committee investigating the raid at al-Ma'jalah concluded that 41 of the dead were civilians, 21 of them children and 14 women. Survivors denied any links with insurgents. The parliamentary committee asked the Yemeni government to open a judicial inquiry into the killings. Six months on, there is no sign of that happening.


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Come on.

Get up from deep slumber. Practice your Deen. The baarkat of your simplest and natural Deen will be effective more than these cluster bombs.Alhamdulillah


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U.S. missiles killed civilians in Yemen, rights group says

U.S. missiles killed civilians in Yemen, rights group says

By the CNN Wire Staff


  • Amnesty International says U.S.-made cruise missiles used in attack
  • Attack killed 55 people, including 41 civilians, organization says
  • Pentagon won't comment but pleased with Yemen's fight against al Qaeda
  • Yemeni officials have said al Qaeda camp was target


(CNN) -- American missiles were used in an attack that killed 55 people, including 41 civilians, in southern Yemen, Amnesty International said Monday.
The human rights organization released what it said were photographs of a U.S.-manufactured cruise missile used in the December attack in the community of al-Ma'jalah, and said authorities must be held accountable.
"Based on the evidence provided by these photographs, the U.S. government must disclose what role it played in the al Ma'jalah attack, and all governments involved must show what steps they took to prevent unnecessary deaths and injuries," said Philip Luther, deputy director of the organization's Middle East and North Africa program.
Asked about the report, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said, "I would refer you to the Yemeni government for any information on operations against al Qaeda in their country. That said, the Yemen government should be commended for dealing with the al Qaeda threat in their nation. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula threatens the stability of the region and poses an increasing threat to Yemenis and Americans. We strongly support actions against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and cooperate closely with Yemen and other countries on counterterrorism initiatives."
The government of Yemen has not yet been reached for comment.
Yemeni government officials had said the December 17, 2009, attack in southern Yemen targeted an al Qaeda training camp, according to Amnesty International. The attack killed 55 people, including 14 alleged members of the terrorist group, the organization said. Civilians killed included 14 women and 21 children, Amnesty International said.
Amnesty International said the photos were provided to the organization by a confidential source. It said the organization had spent months checking their contents with specialists, but teams from Amnesty International had not yet been able to visit the site to verify the images.
In December, senior U.S. officials told CNN U.S. special operations forces and intelligence agencies, and their Yemeni counterparts, were working to identify potential al Qaeda targets in Yemen. This was part of a new classified agreement with the Yemeni government that the two countries will work together and that the United States will remain publicly silent on its role in providing intelligence and weapons to conduct strikes, the officials said.
Officially the United States has not said it conducted previous airstrikes in Yemen, but officials have privately said the Yemeni military could not have carried out the strikes on its own.
Washington began eyeing the impoverished desert nation as a possible new haven for al Qaeda as early as 2001, after the invasion of Afghanistan triggered by the group's attacks on New York and Washington. It's the ancestral homeland of al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, whose followers bombed the destroyer USS Cole in a Yemeni port a year before the 9/11 attacks.
In December the country became the target of more scrutiny after U.S. officials said the suspect in the Christmas Day attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight over Detroit had trained at a camp in Yemen.