NS couldn't speak properly without written slips But Imran Khan speaks with confidence


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NS aik chaprasi ta.. jisay fauj nay PM ki kursi par bita diya. IK first in sport leaded pakistani cricket team with great achievements and later he fought 23 years against Mafia like NS n Bhutto zardari.. IK is a fighter and NS is a coward traitor parchi wala fake PM.

Wake up Pak

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‏ساہیوال میں 3بچوں کی ہلاکت کا افسوسناک واقعہ پیش آیا.ابتدائی تحقیقات کے مطابق دو بچے پرائویٹ ہسپتال سے سیریس حالت میں منتقل ہوئے تھے.تیسرے بچے کو پہلے ہئICUمیں رکھا گیابچوں کی ہلاکت کی وجہAC کا نہ چلنا کہنا پراپیگنڈہ,مریم اور حمزہ کو بچوں کی ہلاکت پر سیاست کرنے پر شرم آنی چاہیے. https://t.co/dHV8mCyn6k‎


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Even with slips of paper Ganja could not talk rationally. Stop comparing honey [Imran] with shit {Ganja Lohar]


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16 sheer khawar bachay in madarchodo ki hakoomat may dam torr gay.... aur yay gandu yay post kar raha hay

kidher hay teri #NayaPakistan ki health minister ?

bahir kioo nahi ati vo ?
Zuban par gali dimagh se khali naam patwari!!
Grow up and be logical bad zubaan chaudhry


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Compare Nawaz's last trip to Saudi Arabia in 2017 with IK's one.

Times of India writes on May 23rd. 2017:

"Nawaz Sharif was not allowed to speak at the Trump event in Saudi Arabia".
The Pakistan PM wasn't allowed to speak at the event, even as leaders of some small countries put forward their views on terrorism," and the Pakistani people are extremely disappointed.

"The popular sentiment among the majority of Pakistani media delegation was that of a total humiliation of the sole Muslim nuclear power because not only there was no mention of Islamabad's role against global terrorism but also the PM of the front line state was denied the opportunity to put forth of its point of view."

"Besides Nawaz Sharif failed to gain any attention on the sideline either from the American side or Arab side."

This is our Taklu Noora...who cannot even talk without any Parchi ( پرچی ).