No reward for dignity


Younis Khan seeks justice but in Pakistan cricket there is no reward for dignity AFP
Pakistan cricket has its last chance to get its house in order before a tough summer of cricket against Australia and England. The Asia Cup might be considered a distraction but it is also another shot at gathering momentum and resurrecting some damaged careers.

Shahid Afridi has put all bans behind him by claiming the national captaincy in all formats, a mighty responsibility. In the absence of viable alternatives, Afridi is the best choice. He is a leader rather than a tactician, and requires a more creative mind to cajole him through those confusing moments in the middle of an international match.

He could turn to his new vice-captain, Salman Butt, although their coupling is virgin. He might consider the repentant sinner that is Shoaib Malik, although their past entanglements suggest otherwise. The same would apply to Shoaib Akhtar, pardoned and toned up for action. What about Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal, or Mohammad Asif? All sinners too, now forgiven.

Indeed, the PCB has suddenly swapped its jackboot for a velvet glove. Nobody really expected otherwise, even though the routine on this occasion has been even more brazen than usual. Rana Naved-ul Hasan, a player who admitted underperforming on duty for his country, is fortunate that the PCB has lost all notion of justice. Despite some encouraging selections for the Asia Cup, does anybody still respect this cricket administration?

Now only two wounded beasts remain in the wilderness. Mohammad Yousuf perhaps prefers the wilderness? He still has runs in him at Test level but his decision about a return, dependent on the advice of elders, seems unclear and opportunistic. He is too great a batsman to squander his talent with this dithering.

Meanwhile, Younis Khan would welcome a return to international cricket but he will not do it with a compromise. Why should a World Cup winning captain agree to pay a fine when he isn't guilty, especially when he is the victim of a conspiracy? Paying a fine is an admission of guilt, and Younis has too much pride to sell his soul. It is rare for a modern Pakistan cricketer to make a stand on principle. It is even rarer for the current cricket board to admit it has made a mistake. It should. Afridi requires a wise counsel and the summer of Tests requires a middle-order batsman with an average of over 50.

Younis seeks justice but in Pakistan cricket there is no reward for dignity.

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Posted by: noor at June 3, 2010 10:57 PM

Another recipe for disaster. Pakistan's cricket management never ceases to amaze me. This the Asia Cup, a short tournament but cant imagine if the same mob tours England, it would be like dynamite. Malik a unpopular player, Akhtar a habitual problems on tours. I think the Pak management deliberately picked this lot because they hoping for trouble in England.

Posted by: Zainab Khan (Sydney) at June 3, 2010 11:54 PM

We can only hope for the better of Pakistan's cricket - although it's fair to say Afridi is only captain because of the state of turmoil which the team/nation is in - I agree for that reason only he is the best choice. Otherwise, in all honesty he dosen't deserve it.

Let's hope the Afridi and Butt pair works well - and let's hope previous sinners in the team don't turn back on the leaders.

We need solid performances in upcoming tournament else the team will just go down in the forever down hill with no light at the end of the tunnel - and for the public, well they deserve some good performance, and no politics.

PCB well no comments needed about them - enough said : Pathetic !

Good luck Pakistan

Posted by: Masaood Yunus at June 4, 2010 12:30 AM

Well said Kamran. Pakistan need warriors like Younis Khan and not bozos like Malik and others who are more interested in politics than a job that they are actually paid for !
Its amazing that PCB punished someone for committing no offense, and even admit it !
Collateral damage perhaps.
Hats off to Younis Khan for standing up on principles. Go Younis Khan !

Posted by: dr salman at June 4, 2010 5:11 AM

The only strange thing in this mess is the guilty being given less punishment (only to be reverted just in 3 months) and the innocent (presumably) being given a more severe punishment disregarding all his achievements. Younis khan is a formidable n dependable middle order test batsman and so in yousuf (who is pissed off on PCBs callous attitude)..we need them for england tour..this pak team is a young lot...inexperienced n lack the guile required in test one not even umer akmal has proven that he can occupy the crease for some good 3 to 4 hrs at the least agaisnt class acts like aus n eng..(he did it against NZ but not aus)..all ve bin playing t20 n one day etc..test is a whole different ball game!

so if at all we wanna stand ne chance in eng tour..we HAVE TO HAVE younis n yousuf in side..i dun expect afridi to bat for even one session !!

Posted by: Rashid at June 4, 2010 5:35 AM

Kamran Bhai, Injustice was done to Yousuf and Younus, we never respect the great players that came to play for us.I lost hope about many more things than cricket, It just tell you some thing about our characteristic.Deny it or accept it this is a sad truth that is hard to digest.


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I have been a huge follower of Pakistani cricket. Like most of Pakistanis, I do understand the politics within our Cricket and the different ways in which players are destroyed. Sometimes, they are given a chance that looks quite fair on the surface but in reality, these chances are given to bring an end to their career.

The Mafia and the political backing of Malik made sure that he makes it in the Asia cup. Younas Khan has been INTENTIONALLY left out of the Pakistani squad for this tour. They made sure that they would announce the team before his decision. Anyone who knows ABC of Pakistani Cricket can easily predict how Younas would have performed in Dambulla pitch. And precisely for the same reason, Malick has been included in this tour as some well wishers really want to prove his worth for Pakistani Cricket.

Younas Khan WILL BE included in the next tour in England where the bating conditions are not as ideal as in Asia cup. A good plan that eventually would compare the performance of Malik in Asia with Khan in England. But, I assure you if Khan decides to play, Insha Allah, he will make his presence felt in England as well.

Respect is earned and cannot be forced. And Younas Khan, though not in the team, has earned my respect because of his stand. Malik maybe in the team, but out of the hearts of many people like me. Good job Younas Khan esp. being in a time and in a nation where terms like self-respect, dignity, fairness and honesty and synonymous with stupidity. Its better to say good bye to your career than to compromise to these corrupted souls, who insisted on including players with serious allegations.
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PCB lifts indefinite ban on Younis Khan
The indefinite ban on former Pakistan captain Younis Khan was lifted and fine on current captain Shahid Afridi was revoked. "I have set aside the ban on Younis," Pakistan Cricket Board arbitrator Irfan Qadir told reporters in Lahore after the hearing.
Qadir said the PCB had already reconsidered Younis for future tours by naming him in a list of 35 probables, therefore there was no reason to keep an indefinite ban on the former captain. The PCB imposed the ban in March for Younis' alleged infighting with another former captain Mohammad Yousuf during the winless tour of Australia early this year.
Qadir also revoked a three million rupees fine on Afridi for ball tampering during the one-day series against Australia earlier this year. Afridi had already served an International Cricket Council ban of two Twenty20 internationals after he was caught biting the ball during a one-dayer in Perth.
Qadir said the ICC had told the PCB that Afridi could not be punished for the second time as he had already served one punishment. The Akmal brothers Kamran and Umar were fined three million rupees and two million rupees respectively for their indiscipline during the Australia tour. Qadir reduced fines on both brothers to rupees one million.
Last week, Qadir lifted a one-year ban on another former captain Shoaib Malik and his fine of two million rupees was also halved. Malik was then included in the team for the Asia Cup.
Qadir said player behavior must not lapse in future. "I have noticed that players realized they would maintain discipline and I am sure Pakistan will perform better in the upcoming matches," he said. Rana Naved's appeal against a one-year ban and fine of rupees two million will be heard on June 19 and Qadir said he would be treated the same as the others, indicating a likely rescinding of the ban and halving of the fine.
Yousuf was the only player who did not file an appeal against an indefinite ban and later retired from international cricket. However Qadir said his ban should still be considered for the record.


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PCB lifts indefinite ban on Younis Khan
The indefinite ban on former Pakistan captain Younis Khan was lifted and fine on current captain Shahid Afridi was revoked. "I have set aside the ban on Younis," Pakistan Cricket Board arbitrator Irfan Qadir told reporters in Lahore after the hearing.

Yup, that was on the cards. As I already wrote in my previous post that Younas Khan will be included for England tour. I would have been really surprised to get any different news.