No reforms in sight for judicial system of Pakistan despite a supposedly superstar "CJ"


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I have never come across any soul from the legal profession who criticizes the judicial system of Pakistan from with in legal profession , whereas public's perception of judiciary is a tortoise speed , wholly tilted towards lawyer's benefit system, inflated fees and so on . Afterall what is the justification of giving tens of lacs of fees for a case which might require two three appearances in high or supreme court , Is the work of a lawyer more difficult than that of doctor operating at midnight or a military major in trenches for months .
Law ministers be asked the following and the full extent of tragedy of legal system become clear .People report judges of supreme court rejecting appeal in murder cases in five minutes What kind of legal system is this.
Regarding usual non interest in courts to give relief to those who did not hire lawyers :
it may be asked that what percentage of cases represented by lawyers are accepted for revision or review of a lower court decision in supreme courts and high courts compared to percentage accepted for those representing themselves as petitioners in person ? Do these figure show any evidence to support costly Vakil culture in criminal and civil cases.
Regarding increasing Qabza activities in the country which is the first step and funder of further criminality
:What is parliament doing about the widespread complaint that courts are not acting with sufficient abundance on parliamentary statues which allow the facility of interim restoration of property to lawful owners before the completion of tortous and long hearing say under section 7(1) of the illegal dispossession act 2005?
Regarding highly selective acceptance of revision petitions and appeals especially by high and supreme courts :
Is it not true that an accepted rulein service and academics is that an experience which is not supervised is not a recognised experience for the purpose of promotions yet not all case decisions of any court , higher or lower , have any established mechanism to get reviewed by a senior judicial person in all cases and so decision do not get automatic rectification or else approval and so essentially all judges are mostly autotrained and fall short of necessary clause of supervised work for the purpose of promotion .Is there any law in preparation in sight to correct this state of affairs?On what basis law ministry will recognise their work experience ?
4. Regarding scope of revision and appeal the matter is not really looked into again in enterity : Would the law minister furnish the public whether there is any mandatory mechanism being considered to built into the system via legislation so that matter in appeal or revision court looks beyond mere technical flaw and definitely goes to reappraisal of core logic, evidence and law itself ?. It is seen often that in review of death sentences where medical expert inputs are crucial part of case the medical experts are not called before Supreme court to discuss and confirm technical matters before ? As a matter of fact in murder or life sentences or disputed paternity cases , not just the report by doctor making report , but the person who took blood , technician putting sample to analysis, the engineer maintaining machine and courier service all need to testify to local magistrate to maintain line of evidence intact if any scientific evidence is to be relied upon .
5.Regarding stopping corruption in high court and supreme court judges : Would the law minister tell us that why is it that any complaint procedure or reference against a senior judiciary's judge as HC or SC would get vetted by the fellow judge of the SC court and not by the law ministry itself ? , Is there any legislation being proposed to alter procedure of supreme judicial council say in light of good administrative practises as were incorporated in 1956 constitution to make judges more accountable? . How many judges of higher judiciary faced the axe of SJC in the last ten years ? Any figures . How do they compare with accountability of grade 21 and 22 officers for last ten years in NAB or Ombudsman office percentage wise ?
6. Regarding frequent complaint of rude , non listening, and even strange behaviour of judges especially in higher courts : Is there any exhaustive or even basic test of psychological and logical soundness required for recruitment of any judge and who many judges of the superior judiciary have been recruited recently without a psychological examination say in the last five years?
7. Regarding the staying of condemned to death prisoner to few feet wide cell staying sometimes for years called Kothri : Is there any proposal for improving living conditions of those sentenced to death in the jails by making legislations to review jail manuals?
8. Regarding technical nature disputes : Is there any legislation in the offing to appoint technical ombudsman like engineering ombudsman , medical ombudsman , and if so would LLB holders or technical qualification holders head such future organizations?.
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@shaikh I salute you for choosing a very important topic. This was in my mind and I discussed with a few of my lawyer friends. Even they criticised CJ for not reforming the judicial system. I know that only CJ is not responsible but equally the govt too. I wish our govt would soon realize to reform this old fashioned department where people pray to never visit a court in their lifetime.


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If any one were to take the trouble of getting such things published in major media or even better mail or email to MNA's , MPAs then some good might result as many such people like to present things in parliament so that their names are announced on media . No war on terror is possible as long as cities are filled with crime centres which host all outside crime rascals with what ever intent. criminal is not made in a day , he starts with school and it is possible to partly neutralize him and his doings early on. Similarly Qabza activity is that thing which gives him further resources to do evil. Every thing is tied to each other. corrupt Medicolegal doctors, corrupt SHO police , run of mill judges , all are a heavy burden on the society and the constitution of Pakistan has no serious solution to problems and needs additions and better still abrogating to pave way for a proper central , one unit based with no trembling base like current one with no body as the final incharge .